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2018 New Years Resolution: Visit 1 Country Per Month until 2019

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I’m not much for the New Years Resolution tradition. My Mom likes to tell me that I am a ‘spirited young woman’ and really that’s all the validation I need – mhm kay thanks. So perhaps this post should more appropriately be titled:

2018 New Years CHALLENGE: Visit 1 Country Per Month until 2019

For me – aka the only person that matters in this circumstance – writing down new years resolutions and intentions is pointless because it implies that I was engaging in destructive behavior and complacently continued all year round. I don’t need to start a diet on Jan 1st, because this booty don’t quit all year round (in between national holidays of course, nom nom nom). I don’t want to prioritize ‘self-care more’ because I take the opportunity to do so 365 days a year. There’s NO NEED to de-clutter my life thanks to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up.  I do me, for me, to celebrate me all year round. Ya dig?

I know – I sound like a peach. So great. So witty. #StayHumble 

I am kicking off the year by PUBLICLY  announcing my resolution to hold myself accountable. People tend to stick to their guns if they think they will be humiliated down the road. I’ll be taking loads of long weekends in order to maximize my holiday/budget and reconnecting to my ‘broke student’ ways to get the best deals possible. Stay tuned on my social media outlets to have a look into what it takes to travel comfortably on a poor man’s budget. To make things interesting…

…I’m going to try to complete 1/2 of these trips for under £200!!

I’ll be cranking out loads of content and even a few videos so you can stay on top of what I’m doing, how I’m doing it, and who I’m doing it with. Here’s what I have planned so far (not my photos):

January – Germany

February – Morocco

March – Greece

April – Norway

May – Poland

June – Ireland

July – Scotland

August – ???

September – ???

October – United States

November – ???

December – Netherlands

As you can see, there’s a few blank spaces missing and I’m hoping YOU GUYS can help me out with a few recommendations?? Comment below and get engaged with my New Years Resolution – because the internet is a magical place where strangers can connect in wonderful, bizarre ways!

  • Meet me in Bali in August! So happy to be getting your email notifications again! Missed ya on the blog scene. Can’t wait for your content! XOXO

    • Vanessa Elizabeth

      Glo! Your blog literally gives me LIFE! Bali is a little to far away this year. I’m heading back to America to go to homecoming to show all these peeps how I’ve blossomed into a BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY now as an adult… since I was such an UNCOOL young person haha.

  • Peter Colin

    Would love to see those blank months filled with Turkey, Brazil, Egypt or Jordan. Looking forward to your Greece trip so I can shamelessly copy how you get there cheaply (big fan for years)!

    • Vanessa Elizabeth

      Hey Peter! Thanks for commenting. I was just living in Turkey for 2 months so it’ll be a while before I head back. Jordan is on the list, but to hit my £200 goal – I’ll likely be sticking around Europe. Whomp whomp. 2019 will be South America though! Have you been?

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