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I only move 3000 miles at a time, or nowhere at all.  My name is Vanessa Elizabeth and I’m an Indian-looking Mexican who speaks Spanish, German and Chinese, badly, and has yet to find a permanent “home.” Cali grown and Boston educated, after traveling to 36 states in America I decided to take my travels to the next level by moving to China in 2013. Years later, I’m now settled in London with my cat and husband – but I wouldn’t necessarily call this home. We’re constantly moving, learning and exploring the farthest corners of the earth – just as it was meant to be.




I graduated from Boston College in 2013 with a BA in English and a minor in Studio Art.  I then worked for two years in Asia – traveling and doing web dev for various brands – whilst I figured out what I truly wanted to be when I grow-up… I still got nothing. In 2016, I graduated from SOAS, The University of London with a Masters in Science (Econ). Now I work full-time at a global tech company as a project manager and Scrum Master.


My dream is to make sustainability “trendy” and cool in developing nations (such as China) and with my software development background, One day, I’ll move back to Asia to champion new technology that will make the world a better place, but for now, I’ll go where the wind takes me. Because you can’t plan life.

While I may sound confident and decisive, I’m scared out of my mind.  But bravery isn’t about an absence of fear, but rather, committing to a plan – even if it’s hard.  I created Wander Onwards as a personal outlet for my struggles, ideas, and observations and now it’s developed into a resource for others to do something similar. There is no such thing as a perfect plan.  Relish in the free fall and if you hit the ground, get up, and wander onwards.


Doing awesome stuff is expensive! Even with working full-time, most of my travel/spending cash is absorbed by rising tuition costs. Want to see more of the world through my eyes? Help me showcase some of the world’s best hidden treasures by using the widgets in the sidebar At no additional cost to you, I’ll earn a wee bit of commission. Help me continue to inspire young women to be their own hero where-ever they are in the world.


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