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Salvation Mountain

Location – Salvation Mountain // Dress – Free People // Shoes – Sseko Designs //Jewelry – RocksBox (use wanderonwardsxoxo to redeem a FREE gift!) // Bra – Free People For years, I’ve witnessed some of my favorite bloggers from around the world post about Salvation Mountain with drop-dead gorgeous backdrops.  I made it a point to brave the desert heat in the middle of August in the name of fashion…

3 San Francisco Travel Hacks You Need To Know About

In my day-to-day lifestyle, I’m a pretty laid back person. I’m rarely stressed about having a plan, but nothing grinds my gears more than poor travel habits that then lead to a tornado of problems later down the road. In an expensive city like San Francisco, little mistakes can easily cost you loads of time, money, and hair follicles from the sheer stress of it all. Practice these…