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PADI Certification: Conquering My Fear Of The Open Water

I never claimed to be brave.  In fact, I’m a huge brat about heights, roller-coasters, and eating bugs.  But I suppose any normal person SHOULD be a little antsy with eating cockroaches… Since I was small, I’ve always been afraid of the ocean, any ocean, because of the lack of visibility and my fear of stingrays/flatfish that are hiding under the sand… obviously, to murder me.  In a…

Wander Onwards To BadLadz Resort In Puerto Galera, PI

It’s no secret that the Philippines is my favorite country in Asia. The richness in undamaged environment and natural friendliness of the local people is unprecedented; it’s a great “China break” for my readers trapped in the smog-filled cities of China during Chinese New Years! I first came to the Philippines in February 2015, but after my experience in Puerta Galera, I’m confident that I will buy a house in…

Frendz Forever

“I need a place to sleep tonight, but I don’t have a reservation and I have no cash.  Is that okay?” These were the first words I blurted out when I approached the front desk of Frendz Resort with my suitcase and pride in hand.  Only hours before my flight was set to take off, a Chinese ATM had swallowed up my debit card and I was traveling…