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Horseback Riding Through The Countryside In Lugo, Spain

Something about my time in Spain really opened my eyes to appreciate the not-so-popular tourist destinations in Europe. I had such a fantastic time for so little money, it really made me question why I’m living in the most expensive city the world!  We found the Casa Cazoleiro through a personal recommendation from one of my friend’s colleagues at work. We were told to get on a bus…

Affordable Countryside Travel In Lugo, Spain (& 1 Euro Drinks!)

I took off to Lugo thinking that I should have gone to Barcelona. Now that I’ve relocated to England, Europe has been opened to me like never before thanks to Ryan Air’s SUPER budget offers and I am itching to revisit some of my favorite spots that I failed to document properly since I wasn’t in the travel blogging business. But like many other Londoners, money is tight so…