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Packing For Travel: The Essentials

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To save money you need to invest money in durable, long lasting equipment; especially as a travel blogger.  But you should haven’t to deal out a TON of cash immediately; I think Amazon should set up a “Travel Starter Kit,” because when you’re on the road constantly, you don’t have the savings or the luxury of buying new equipment in the middle of rural Cambodia out of the blue.  Here’s a list basic must-have equipment while you’re on the road and I’ll be updating this list as I discover new fantastic things!

Let’s start with the basics:

Panasonic Lumix DMC GX1

For the last two years I’ve been shooting with a Panasonic Lumix around Asia because this camera can really take a beating.  I’ve dropped it off of small cliffs, into water, gotten noodles on it, and STILL, it continues to be my most trusted ally around the world.

GoPro HERO3+: Silver Edition

I do a lot of extreme sports and spend a ton of time outdoors so it was an easy decision for me to purchase a GoPro to document all of these adventures.  I also love what a beating these little guys can take! It ended up FLYING off of my friend bike in Cambodia when we were cycling and the attachment clip broke, but the camera was totally fine!  I choose not to get the 4 because there were few differences (in my opinion) that justified the price increase after reading For me, the screen is also distracting because then I focus on it and not the experience.

Osprey Aura 50 Backpack

I choose the Eggplant Osprey Aura backpack because all of my gear is purple for some reason so I try to keep everything color coordinated.  It also helps when you’re scrambling to find your unique bag amongst the 50 other backpacks when you get off a random bus in Thailand before someone snatches it.  It’s also created for the female body type (i.e. hips and curves) so it fits snug and carries like a dream. This bad boy also holds EVERYTHING you could possibly need… without giving you the change to over think and over pack.  Remember, you have to carry everything that you bring.

HooToo Wireless Pocket Travel Router

This thing does everything. It’s a personal cloud so you can share files with friends. You can convert wired networks into a wireless network for your computer, phone, or tablet.  You can Hotspot current Wi-fi networks. AND it fits in my pocket!… Warning: don’t lose the little guy.

Kindle Fire HD 6I’m SUPER cheap.  For that reason, I constantly am spending large amounts of time on different modes of transportation.  Dare I say that I NEED a tablet like animals need water?  YES. What else am I going to do on an 8 hour bus ride from Cambodia to Thailand?  If you’re not willing to break the bank with an iPad, might I suggest the new Fire HD Kindle.  Boredom kills faster than a small credit card purchase.



Well there you have it. All the must-haves for the ambitious travel-blogger and gap-year guru.  Don’t forget to have fun along way though! It’s hardly worth investing in if you focus too much on capturing moments and not the AMAZING opportunity to see the world.

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  • chealth

    Do you usually carry on the osprey when you travel or are you required to check it due to size?

    • Vanessa Elizabeth

      I’m able to carry it on. I will admit that I’ve been able to get away with hiding it on the floor in-between people at immigration/check-in and that’s how I’ve snuck it on haha.

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