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Prague, Czech Republic 101

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After getting married, I decided to forego the traditional Hawaiian beach honeymoon to instead go backpacking with my sisters/girl friends through Prague and Berlin. After all, I had the rest of my life to spend with my husband – why not kick off the marriage in separate countries?

Now that I’m gainfully employed with a bit of money in my pocket, I’m putting my heart back into travel. There’s something special about launching yourself outside of your comfort zone that calms the heart. It gives you perspective, it soothes your soul. Because no matter what you’re struggling with at home, seeing how the rest of the world lives reminds you that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.


In true Wander Onwards tradition, my friends and I rented out a private hostel accommodation in the middle of the city. This gave us the flexibility to make friends – and then abandon them – whenever we felt like it.

We stayed with – Hostel Downtown – in a private bedroom that slept 5 people. In total, each person spent about 15£ per night. Each day/night, the hostel also had activities for us to participate in so it created a real community atmosphere amongst all the travelers. I can only recommend.

A good rule of thumb is to always stay near whatever area you intend on spending the most time in. Since Prague is quite walkable, you have more options – but the more central the better!


Whilst we were in Prague, the weather was pretty hot. I swear I got a tan from just popping down to the local cafe for an espresso! However, the winters can be pretty brutal apparently (see chart below) so be prepared to bundle up when when the time comes. Overall, the dressing culture seemed to be pretty inline with my expectations of western Europe/the UK so feel free to dress normally and to express yourself in whatever way you see fit.


I’m not sure what I was expecting exactly, but the food FLOORED me – in a good way. I was so so impressed with all of the traditional dishes and the quality/value of food I received. During eat sitting, I spent between $2-$8 for a drink and meal. I would highly recommend trying:

Smazeny syr

Tourist Sites:

For popular tourist sights, I would recommend visiting the following:

Charles Bridge

Old Town Square

Wenceslas Square

Republic Square (Namesti Republiky)

There will be a separate posts about where to go for non-touristy things 😉 But for now, enjoy!

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