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11 Things To Do On Fremont Street in Vegas

Vegas isn’t really my thing. I don’t drink, I have a boyfriend, and I literally cannot stand to be in high heels for longer than a few minutes. And that’s totally okay. Since I went with my family and my parents and 16-year-old sister aren’t really the “clubbing type,” I decided to reach out to a private network of traveling women that I’m a part of to see if we had anyone in town.  

From that resource, I was able to meet up with a local photographer (and badass traveler) who was gracious enough to pick up a TOTAL STRANGER (me) and show her around town.  

Originally, we had planned to go to the Stratosphere, but I made a comment about wanting to see the chapels/hookers and we just went with it. When in Vegas, do whatever you want to do.

About Fremont Street

Realistically, when most people think about Las Vegas, they think about the strip, and with good reason. This is where all the high-end resorts, hotels, casinos, and residencies take place, so it’s no wonder that so many visitors spend all their time here. 

The thing about the strip is that it can be super busy and super expensive. There are plenty of amazing places to stay off-the-strip in Las Vegas, and there are plenty of casinos and things to do away from the main drag. One of the most popular off-the-strip destinations has to be Fremont Street. 

As the Arts District of Las Vegas, Fremont Street has a much more laidback, affordable, and bohemian feel about it, compared to the strip. Your money is definitely going to go further here, and there are tons of things to do away from the hustle and bustle of the blackjack table.

Here are some of my favorite things to do on Fremont Street in Las Vegas.

1. See a Free Concert

By the time we had rolled up to Fremont Street, it was nearly 1 am and we were catching the end of an outdoor concert where there was a devastatingly gorgeous woman tearing it up on a violin while in a bikini. It was hot enough to be in a bikini so I was a little jealous I didn’t think of the same game plan.

Honestly, there are free concerts and buskers all along Fremont Street whenever you visit. It’s a cool way to see different performers that you might not necessarily be into normally, or if you want to avoid paying hundreds of dollars to go to one of the residency concerts on the strip. 

Whether you’re looking for models in bikinis playing violin, circus performers, singers, or dancers – you can probably find them somewhere on Fremont Street in the early hours of the morning!

2. Watch Street Art Being Made

Fremont Street isn’t considered the Art District of Las Vegas for nothing. You can easily wander around this area on a street art tour with a local, but to be honest, by just spending time here it’s hard to ignore the giant murals around every corner. 

In fact, it’s super common to see street art being made right in front of your eyes. It’s such a cool experience and you really get to appreciate the skill and amount of time that goes into each piece. Remember to bring your camera to take photos of these exciting and unique large-scale artworks! 

3. Swim with the Sharks

At 2am, the swimming pool at the Golden Nugget was closed, but we could still see into the aquarium that stood dead center of the pool.

  Inside the aquarium, there were 6-foot sharks swimming lazily by and there was even a water slide that could take you through the middle of the shark tank (while still being surrounded by glass, obviously). 

We took a little break and tried to figure out how to sneak in undetected, but obviously, we weren’t the first people to try to sneak in after hours and there were tons of staff keeping an eye out.

However, if you’re looking for things to do on Fremont Street in the daytime, this is such a cool activity.

Who’d have thought you’d be able to slide past sharks in the heart of the desert? Well, if you take anything away from this, know that anything is possible in Las Vegas!

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4. Zip Line Across Fremont 

Slotzilla is a 12-story slot machine-inspired zip line that’ll take you from one side of Fremont to the other in no time. Amazingly, it spans around five city blocks and 11 vertical stories, so it’s kind of insane.

You can race your friends along parallel zip lines and see who’s the fastest as you take in the lights and sounds of Las Vegas at night. 

This attraction is open till 2 am, so after you get pissed and lose all your money gambling, this would be a fantastic consolation prize to yourself. You’re essentially strapped in like a superhero and thrown off a platform. 

I wouldn’t suggest doing it drunk, but hey, YOLO.

It’s definitely worth booking your Slotzilla ride in advance as spots do tend to go quickly, even at 2 am! You can book online or ask your hotel concierge to help you out.

Tickets cost around $50 but this is undoubtedly one of the best things to do on Fremont Street, and no matter how drunk you are, you won’t forget this experience in a hurry!

a woman standing in front of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign

5. Gamble

The casinos on Fremont Street are devastatingly different than those on the strip. These casinos off the strip are not as elegant as the ones on the strip, but it’s a different experience entirely. 

We witnessed plenty of large groups playing (and winning) well into the night… and then we saw a group of people lose EVERYTHING. You have been warned!

One of the biggest benefits of going to the casinos on Fremont Street rather than the ones on the strip is that the table minimums are much, much lower. This means you can enjoy the Las Vegas casino experience without risking a large amount of money that you probably can’t afford to lose.

If you want to dip your toe in the gambling experience, but don’t want to set the stakes too high, head to Fremont Street’s casinos and avoid the expensive joints on the strip.

6. Fremont Street Light Show

Okay so while pretty much everywhere in Vegas has some kind of light show, Fremont Street takes it to the next level. That’s because the whole street is covered with a 90-foot-high pavilion that shelters the entire area. 

This isn’t your standard pavilion though. While I love any structure that stops me from getting sunburnt, the Fremont Street pavilion is also made out of a giant LED screen.

So, if you’re on Fremont Street any day between 6 pm and 2 am, you’re in for a treat. The pavilion transforms into a giant light and music show that’s completely free and totally immersive. 

If you’re visiting Las Vegas on a budget and you’re looking for cool, affordable things to do, make sure to check out the amazing Fremont Street Light Show.

7. Grab a Beer from the Sidewalk Bars

Unlike many places in Las Vegas, Fremont Street actually does have quite a few areas where you can drink and carry open containers on the street. These areas are clearly designated so make sure you stay within them so you don’t get fined or punished! 

However, inside these designated stretches of Fremont Street, you can buy and drink ridiculously large beverages and enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds of the carnivalesque atmosphere that comes with this part of Las Vegas. 

As with everything and everyone on Fremont Street, many of the bartenders who are working at these sidewalk bars are also street performers, so you can get a delicious cocktail and be entertained all at the same time.

There’s also the added bonus that the drinks here are much, much cheaper than the drinks on the strip, so again, your money is going to go much further here than in the touristy heartland of Las Vegas. 

8. Check Out The Container Park

While hanging out surrounded by a load of shipping containers doesn’t exactly bring to mind the glitz, glamor, and luxury that Las Vegas is known for, The Container Park is built with fun and individuality in mind. 

Created by the founder of Zippo Lighters, The Container Park is made up of tons of shipping containers, each with its own vibe, owners, and purpose. There are interesting shops to explore, delicious independent restaurants, bars, clubs, and even gig venues to check out in this unique shipping container village.

The whole park is open air which takes advantage of the beautiful Vegas sunshine and allows you to wander around to your heart’s content. Make sure you check out the silent disco container area to dance away the night and let loose after a long day exploring Fremont Street!

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9. Hit Up the Rides at the STRAT

Formerly known as The Stratosphere, the STRAT’s rooftop is home to some of the most high-octane, adrenaline-fuelled activities anywhere in Las Vegas.

Of course, the main attraction has to be the Big Shot rollercoaster which seems to launch you off the top of the skyscraper into the Las Vegas skies. Obviously, it doesn’t, but try telling your body that when you’re screaming at the top of your lungs!

If you want something a little less mechanical, why not check out the Mission Impossible SkyJump? Honestly, the concept for this is totally insane, it’s no wonder that it came from a Tom Cruise film.

Instead of bungee jumping feet first, or flying on a horizontal zipline, the SkyJump decides to combine the two into a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. 

Instead, you’re strapped into a harness and attached to a zipline that allows you to free fall face-first towards the ground in an almost skydiving position.

The drop is over 800 feet so it’ll really get that adrenaline pumping and your heart racing. It’s not for anyone who’s afraid of heights, that’s for sure! 

10. Tour the Pawn Stars Store

Okay, so this might be a bit of a niche thing to do while you’re on Fremont Street, but if you love reality TV or antiques and collectibles, you need to book a walking tour that takes you to the set of Pawn Stars.

The real-life store from the show is actually in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas and is open for business whenever they’re not filming. 

Book a tour of this iconic location and you’ll learn more about the history of the store, some of the biggest and most famous items that have come through there, and maybe even meet one or two of the stars while you’re there. 

You can also add on a trip to see their custom car store and check out some of the most insanely customized rides you’re likely to ever see. When you’re booking the tour, make sure it includes a visit to Counts Customs to see these beautiful and unique automobiles.

11. Check Out a Free Concert

Free concerts often sound way too good to be true, and in a lot of places, that’s a correct assumption to make, but not if you’re on Fremont Street. Within this entertainment hub, there are dozens of stages where you can find free concerts anytime from 6 pm onwards.

These gigs often go into the early hours, so as far as free entertainment goes, Fremont Street has you covered!

Now, the one thing I think of when I hear free concerts is why? Are the bands tiny and need the publicity or are they just bad musicians who want to find a captive – and probably drunk – audience?

While there are plenty of small, local bands who play the free stages on Fremont Street, there are also some pretty big names as well.

In 2023 alone, Fremont Street’s free stages played host to Walk the Moon, The All-American Rejects, Young the Giant, Smashmouth, Taking Back Sunday, and tons more. Another great thing about the Fremont Street free concerts is that they’re not secret sets.

A lot of the time when you have big names playing for free, they keep it a secret until like an hour before and you just have to risk it, but they actually list the big acts and dates way in advance, so you can plan your trip!

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Final Words About Fremont Street

So, while Fremont Street isn’t exactly going to give you that quintessential Las Vegas strip experience, it’s an awesome and affordable place to hang out during your stay in the city.

With free concerts, street performers, light shows, lax open container rules, and tons of high-octane excursions, it’s definitely a fun street to check out on your next Vegas vacation.

Basically, if you’re traveling to Vegas on a budget and want to make sure that you get value for money, consider centering your visit around Fremont Street. You can find affordable accommodation, restaurants, bars, and casinos all along this iconic street without having to spend a fortune.

You can always spend a night on the strip for the experience and then save the rest of your money for excursions and affordable fun on Fremont Street!

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