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The 13 Best Hostels in Tenerife for Solo Travellers

Looking for the best hostel in Tenerife for solo travelers? Traveling for long periods of time is tiring. This was my 3rd country in the last two weeks and all I wanted was the opportunity to make my own food and sit in silence with my own company.

Fortunately, Hostel Art Villa Nautilus is a soft landing spot for long-term travelers in Tenerife, Spain with its lush common areas, open kitchen, and thriving international community. It was exactly the kind of vibe that I needed after bouncing around from place to place. 

There were multiple languages flying all over the common space, exchanges of different thoughts and opinions, and all were welcomed. It truly had a community feel that made me feel at home.

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I loved this place, but Tenerife can get busy and there are plenty of other great hostels to explore when you’re on this beautiful island. It can be difficult to choose the right one for you. Don’t worry, I got you!

So, I’ve combined this review of the Hostel Art Villa Nautilus with a list of the best hostels in Tenerife for solo travelers. Read all about my experience and find your next home away from home in beautiful Tenerife.

Are you ready to find your next place to stay in the Canary Islands? Okay, let’s dive in and find out more. 

girl standing in hostel in Tenerife, Spain

About My Stay

During our stay with Hostel Art Villa Nautilus, my sister (HIII ROXANNE) and I stayed in a shared dorm; but in a separate bit, with one set of bunk beds in a semi-private room to ourselves.

There were these cowboy swinging doors that separated us from the other 4 beds and we found this to be more than enough privacy for us whenever others would share the space with us.

There was plenty of natural light that filled the dorm and all of the outlets we could ever need were right next to the bed. It was super comfortable to lounge around in bed when we needed some personal time to ourselves.

The kitchen area was filled with anything we might need during our time there and there were baskets and spaces for us to keep our food separate from the other house guests.

We never had a single problem with security (or food!) whilst we stayed in the villa because everyone seemed to be on the same page with the unwritten/written rules of the hostel.

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girl standing in front of bunk beds in a hostel

Outside there were multiple types of patios for patrons to relax on and there was enough space overall to escape louder groups (or to be loud!).

Music and a generally loud partying environment were limited to hours before 10 pm so if you’re looking for a good mix between a social/party hostel – within reason – Hostel Art Villa Nautilus is the perfect place!

On average, the travelers found in Hostel Art Villa Nautilus tend to be in their mid-20s to early 30s, so there was a very chilled atmosphere to the villa.

It’s essentially a great place if you’re looking for a combination of chilled-out spaces and social elements. It’s not a rager hostel but it also has enough atmosphere and community to make you feel at home.

girl standing on the stars in Hostel Art Villa Nautilus

13 of the Best Hostels in Tenerife

Obviously, I loved Hostel Art Villa Nautilus, but here are some other great hostels to check out on your next trip to the Canary Islands. There are plenty of different places all with their own unique vibe and feel. 

1. Hostel Art Villa Nautilus

Okay, let’s kick this list off with the place that I stayed while I was in Tenerife, and honestly, my personal favorite place to stay on the island. Hostel Art Villa Nautilus is located in South Tenerife – just a 10-minute drive away from the Tenerife South Airport.

With such a prime location, you’re also 15 minutes away from:

Away from the tourist chaos, Costa Del Silencio is a cozy residential neighborhood with plenty of opportunities to explore the coast and local delights. It’s a beautiful area with so many different natural wonders to check out.

As only a 5-minute walk away from the beach, you’ll find a good selection of affordable bars and restaurants in the immediate area. It also means if you’re going for a night out, you don’t have far to get home which is always a massive plus.

If you’re looking to explore different parts of the island, there’s a bus stop only 2 minutes away, which will help you access every corner of the island.

There’s also:

  • 24/7 multilingual staff on site
  • Bikes and sports gear for rent
  • Share kitchen, living room, and common space to relax in

Overall, it’s a great place to stay if you want a decent location near the beach and the bars, but want a chilled atmosphere to kick back and relax in during the daytime, Hostel Art Villa Nautilus is the ideal spot.

2. Puerto Nest Hostel

If you’re wanting a light and airy hostel that has the perfect location for Tenerife’s black sand beach of Playa Jardin, then you need to check out the Puerto Nest Hostel in Punta Brava.

It’s an awesome place to enjoy the more natural, less-touristy beaches and relax in the gorgeous Canary Island sunshine.

It’s full of a ton of different kinds of room options to suit whatever kind of experience you’re looking for and free breakfast is included as standard, which is awesome.

The best part about this hostel? It’s the roof terrace. It has some of the most spectacular ocean views you’ll ever see. It’s the perfect place to kick back with a beer after a long day of exploring the island. 

3. Los Amigos Backpackers Hostel

Wanna kick back and just have a good time when you’re in Tenerife? Los Amigos Backpackers Hostel has a great party vibe that congregates around the awesome outdoor pool area.

It’s always full of people looking to have a good time and meet new people. If you’re a social butterfly, then this is going to be a perfect spot for you to stay in. 

As it’s housed inside a traditional Spanish villa, it feels like you’re at a sweet, sunshine-filled house party with all your new friends.

If you’re feeling over the pool, you’re just a couple of steps away from one of Tenerife’s beautiful sandy beaches. Get that sun, sea, and sand vibe from your next Tenerife getaway. 

4. Hostel Tenerife

If you’re looking to save some cash on your trip to Tenerife while also being surrounded by history and culture, consider staying at the budget hostel, Hostel Tenerife. In the less touristy area of La Orotava, you can soak up the chilled vibe without spending a fortune. 

The area around the hostel is full of history and local restaurants that are delicious and affordable, so it’s the perfect base for checking out the Canary Islands on a shoestring budget. 

5. Endless Summer Hostel

This super cute hostel in a quiet part of the island offers a relaxed atmosphere where you can recoup and refresh. Stay in the comfortable dorms, chill out in the beautifully designed communal spaces, or explore the area, courtesy of the bike hire service.

It’s popular with a lot of couples, so if you’re traveling with a loved one, you might want to check out this awesome hostel.

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6. Trevejo Youth Hostel

Sometimes island hostels can feel a little crowded and busy which can make it tricky to get work done. At the Trevejo Youth Hostel, there are a ton of wide open spaces where you can connect up and get work done. 

Take advantage of the high-speed WiFi, cable TV, and the calm vibe in the daytime, and then head out to the surrounding town of Garachico and dance and drink the night away in the amazing local bars! Get yourself that work-life balance.

You know what they say about all work and no play…

7. La Tortuga Hostel

If you’re after a more social vibe, you need to hit up the La Tortuga Hostel. The amazing team at this hostel hosts a whole range of activities like barbecues, bar crawls, and more. It’s a great way to meet new people and get the most out of your time in Tenerife.

You can chill at the pool, hang out at the local beach, or explore the strip of restaurants and bars nearby. Everything is at your fingertips!

8. Aloe Vera Shared House

When you’re in such a beautiful and natural place like Tenerife, you want to stay in a place that you know is going to help protect it. The stunning Aloe Vera Shared House in the south is an eco-friendly hostel that has a super chilled vibe.

There’s something magical about soaking up the sun on the gorgeous roof terrace, taking in the views of the mountains all around you. At the end of the day, refresh yourself by taking a dip in the hostel’s awesome swimming pool.

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

9. El Jostel

Tenerife is full of amazing Instagram-friendly spots, and the El Jostel hostel is no different. This place is super cool and has a sweet boho vibe, especially in the back courtyard.

It’s located in the fun and vibrant town of Santa Cruz, so there are plenty of things to do and there’s an amazing nightlife scene.

If you don’t feel like leaving this amazing building, you can check out their on-site cafe. It’s a great spot and you can get super fresh food and delicious coffee!

10. Tenerife Experience Hostel

Want to stay in a brand new hostel that’s super fresh and has an amazing artsy mural? The Tenerife Experience Hostel in Santa Cruz is a gorgeous and relaxing place to stay with a great roof terrace that’s a definite sun trap.

It’s got a ton of great spaces to relax and you can even hire bikes to explore the local area. Given the natural beauty of Tenerife, it’s an awesome way to see the island.

11. Los Duendes del Sur

If you’re looking for a more spiritual, creative place to stay in Tenerife, head to Los Duendes del Sur in Santa Cruz. With each room having a distinct theme and artistic vision, it feels like a zen home away from home. 

Sometimes you don’t wanna head out into town, so you can enjoy a drink in the hostel bar and kick back in the communal areas. It’s a pretty chilled-out place to stay – perfect for those relaxed Tenerife vibes.

12. Casa Grande Surf Hostel

One of the amazing things about Tenerife is the sense of adventure. You can hike, kayak, cycle, and even learn to surf.

So, if you’re looking to take advantage of all the amazing activities that you can do in Tenerife, check into the Casa Grande Surf Hostel.

Located right on the beach, you can head out for a surf or windsurf lesson straight away after your complimentary breakfast. If you need to get some work done and live that digital nomad lifestyle, this hostel has super high-speed WiFi and designated laptop workspaces. 

It’s the best of both worlds and really gives you the full Tenerife experience!

13. Tenerife Climbing House Hostel

Maybe the beach isn’t really your thing and the mountains of Tenerife are more up your street. If that sounds like you, then you need to check out the Tenerife Climbing Hostel. Dedicated to climbing lessons on some of the best walls in Europe, this hostel has a real community vibe.

You don’t need to worry about bringing gear as there is a rental store at the hostel itself. If you need a rest day or just want to chill out for a while, you can head on back to the hostel’s giant garden where the team hosts delicious barbecues!

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The Best Things to Do in Tenerife

We rented a car for our time in Tenerife so I would recommend that you follow my Google Maps guide to Tenerife, which starts at Hostel Art Villa Nautilus.

There’s free street parking up and down the block so that will never be a problem.

Below is my FREE Google Maps driving tour through the coast and mountains of Tenerife.

Designed to be completed in 2 days, it’s the ultimate driving tour for those who want to see the best that Tenerife has to offer – with a blend between touristy things and stunning backdrops all woven in.

Included on the map, you can expect to experience:

  • Tourist hotspots
  • Forest/Volcanic backdrops
  • Incredible beach destinations
  • Hidden gems


So, there are so many amazing things to do in Tenerife and the year-round great weather makes it so much better. Staying in one of these awesome hostels is a great way to meet like-minded people and save some money on your next trip out to the Canary Islands. 

Which hostel is your favorite on this list? Have you stayed in one of these places? Let me know in the comments below – I’d love to hear from you!

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