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The Best Jobs for UK Citizens With No Qualifications

So, you’re looking to get away from the UK, see the world, and earn a bit of much-needed cash along the way? Lucky for you there are plenty of jobs abroad for UK citizens with no qualifications.

Depending on where you want to travel, this varies slightly, and as always check the working visa requirements for the countries you’re going to!

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Jobs Abroad for UK Citizens with No Qualifications

1. Live and Work with Workaway or Trusted Housesitters

First up is a classic for living and working abroad – Workaway. There are tons of gigs available regardless of whether you have qualifications or not.

Stay with a family or in a business and work there in exchange for room and board. 

Some Workaway opportunities might also pay a small amount on top, but it’s a great way to see a place like a local without having to save up for ages beforehand.

Another great website that lets you stay for free in exchange for work is Trusted Housesitters.

Trusted Housesitters is a site where you can stay at someone’s house while they are away in exchange for watching their house or sometimes their pet. It’s a great way to travel the world for free!

Although some jobs like carpentry, decorating, and childminding might benefit from qualifications, many will accept some basic experience or a lot of enthusiasm!

The main benefit here is that you get a job, accommodation and often connect with other expats or travelers, all in one go.

A worry when you try to move abroad is getting set up with a place to live – as you’re working for your accommodation, this is all settled and sorted! 

If you’re looking for more of a package deal when it comes to working abroad as a UK citizen with no qualifications, this might be ideal for you.

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2. Part-Time Jobs

The next way UK citizens can find jobs abroad without any formal work qualifications is by finding part-time work as you go along. Again, this is a popular way to work and travel simultaneously.  

From coffee shops to retail, to bar work, to working in the hostels that you’re staying in temporarily, there are plenty of options.

It always helps if you have some experience in these areas, but for many of the roles businesses are looking to quickly fill a vacancy, so are willing to offer a bit of training. 

Even if you’re out in a new place looking for a full-time job so you can get settled, this is a good way to get started.

Many hostels, bars, restaurants, and coffee shops will be more than willing to offer more hours or promote management from within if you’re looking for more money and stability.

It’s all about getting that foot in the door!

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If you don’t love the job, you can always work it until you find something else that’s more appropriate.

It’ll help pay for your expenses while you find your feet. It’s a versatile solution that’s relatively easy to start.

3. Online Freelance Work With Fiverr or UpWork

Do you have a reliable laptop and a steady WiFi connection? Then working remotely doing freelance work might be for you.

Have a passion for writing? Love to draw logos and graphics? Are you willing to even review products for businesses?

These are just some of the options for working online without formal qualifications. 

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If you use sites like Fiverr or UpWork you can access jobs and gigs from all around the world, get paid quickly and safely, and choose from a whole host of different types of work. 

It can be daunting to make the jump and work abroad, especially if you don’t have any formal work qualifications to work with, but it absolutely is possible!

Remember to do your research, keep an open mind, brush up on your host country’s language, and be open to all those new possibilities that await you.

I seriously love using Pimsleur to learn useful phrases quickly (instead of “The duck is yellow” like Duolingo!).

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