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20 Latina Travel Bloggers You Need to Follow

As you know I love being a travel blogger and content creator. As a Latina, I’m always on the lookout for other amazing Latina travel bloggers that are absolutely smashing it out of the park.

Here are 20 awesome Latina travel bloggers you need to be following!

1. Carol Cain (@girlgonetravel)

If you love the vibe of Hallmark movies juxtaposed with world-class travel content, you need to be following Carol Cain.

Her travel content spans all around the world with her husband and kids, with tons of great tips, but she’s now relocated to the Finger Lakes in New York State with so much wholesome local content, she just feels like everyone’s best friend.

2. Olga Maria (@latinaswhotravel and @dreamsinheels)

Olga looks after not one but two amazing travel sites. Her main one, Dreams in Heels, focuses on traveling in a luxurious way on a budget, and who doesn’t want to know how to do that?! We love a champagne lifestyle on a prosecco budget!

Her other content site, Latinas Who Travel is a community site and account that brings together content from Latina travel bloggers from all corners of the world.

3. Gerry Isabelle (@DominicanAbroad

Gerry is a super cool Dominican New Yorker with an awesome blend of cultural tips and insights about the Dominican Republic and loads of hidden gem videos and blogs about her hometown of New York. 

Her content is really authentic, full of great imagery and information, and you learn a ton about Dominican heritage in the process!

4. Olivia Christine (@OChristine)

Now based in Philadelphia, Olivia Christine is an Afro-Latina who was born in the Bronx in New York City. In addition to being an amazing travel blogger and content creator, Olivia is also an activist, raising awareness of the autoimmune disease Lupus, which she’s been diagnosed with.

A lot of her content revolves around how to manage pain and triggers when you’re traveling and how to live life to the fullest – it’s super inspiring!

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5. Annette White (@bucketlistjourney)

If you’re a bit of a procrastinating queen who wants to travel more, you need to be following Annette White. She’s a goal-driven expert and marketer who shares how you can budget, plan, and live out your bucket list dreams and goals one small step at a time! 

6. Jessica van Dop DeJesus (@DiningTraveler)

Food is one of my favorite things on the planet, so having Jessica van Dop DeJesus travel all the way around the world, sharing content and blogs about different restaurants, local recipes, and the bars in the area, is a lifesaver. 

If you consider yourself to be a foodie traveler make sure you’re following Jessica on socials and her blog.

7. Jen Ruiz (@jenonaJetPlane)

Jen Ruiz has a pretty call story. She quit a career in law to travel the world and make content on a full-time basis. She even has a Ted Talk about it. If you’re looking for wanderlust-inducing travel content, you need to check her out. 

More recently, she’s released a bestselling book called 12 Trips in 12 Months, so go ahead and buy a copy wherever you get your books or ebooks from!

8. Taima (@PoorinaPrivatePlane)

I have so much love for anyone who’s putting out budget travel content into the world, so Taima is an awesome account to follow if you want to know how to travel without breaking the bank.

Unlike a lot of popular travel influencers, Taima has a full-time 9-5 so is all about carving out time and budget to travel and ways to fit in short trips when you can, and exploring close to home.

9. Francesca Mazurkiewicz (@onegrloneworld)

If you love celebrity content and worldwide travel, Francesca combines the best of both worlds. She used to be a celebrity publicist so she still goes to a lot of the big events, but she’s now a beauty and travel content creator.

Her site is full of amazing tips for keeping your skin happy on the road, and there are plenty of luxury travel reels and photos on her feed to keep you inspired.

10. Dani Ramos (@NoHurrytoGetHome)

Who doesn’t love seeing luxurious travel photos, videos, and blogs? Dani Ramos has been traveling full-time since she was 17 when she bought a one-way ticket to Madrid with $1,000 in her pocket and just kept on going from country to country from there!

Her content is full of amazing landscapes, and she wears amazing look after amazing look – it’s kind of insane!

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11. Gabby Beckford (@packslight)

Gabby’s site, Instagram, and TikTok accounts are jam-packed with useful tips and tricks for solo traveling as a woman.

From sharing myths about solo traveling to naming the safest solo spots in Europe, she’s got you covered! You can also follow along as she lives her best life hopping from place to place! 

12. Marlene (@DeafinitelyWanderlust)

As the name of her blog and socials might suggest, Marlene is a deaf Latina traveler who specializes in sharing tips and advice for other deaf or disabled adventurers.

She shares her insights about what it’s like traveling as a deaf person, which places have been easily accessible for her, and places where the understanding of deaf people and disabilities isn’t quite as good yet. Definitely worth a follow!

13. Flavia Cornejo (@LatinaTraveler)

Don’t get me wrong solo travel as a woman, especially a Latina woman, can be scary. I’ve been doing it for a while and it still hits sometimes!

Flavia Cornejo is a Peruvian-American travel blogger and content creator who posts tips and tricks for traveling solo and traveling sustainably – two things that are huge in the travel industry right now!

14. Brenda Mejia (@Traveleira)

Unlike a lot of these accounts, Brenda Mejia’s Traveleira is entirely Spanish-language, and predominantly focuses on her Latin American travels. One of the main things that set Brenda’s content apart is the amount of content she’s written about using points and miles without having to get a credit card.

There are so many tips and tricks that she shares to save money on travel and get upgrades without having to go through a ton of annoying credit checks.

15. Gloria Apara (@NomadicChica)

Another Latina travel content creator living and thriving in Germany, Gloria’s blog and content is full of fun and personality, which is a huge part of what her followers love about her!

She also has a super successful Spanish-language podcast called Sueños de Viajes, so you can either scroll, read her blog, or listen along as you travel – Gloria has all bases covered!

16. Monica Ortega (@MonicaGoesShow)

Based in the US, Mexican-American content creator, Monica Ortega specializes in getting her followers outdoors and adventuring all around America. Whether that’s hiking in national parks, checking out local vineyards, or chilling out in a cabin in the wilderness, Monica has you covered!

17. Jeannette Ceja (@jetsetwithjeanette)

Jeannette is a huge name in the world of travel, as she’s a travel presenter who’s won numerous awards. As such, her blog and posts follow her as she works around the world as a travel journalist and gives you tons of tips for how to break into the industry and work in a travel niche.

If you’re looking to break into the competitive world of travel journalism, you’ve got to be following Jeannette.

18. Annette Richmond (@fromannettewithlove)

As editor-in-chief and fashion editor for the Fat Girl’s Guide, Annette’s blog and accounts all follow what it’s like to be a plus-size female traveler.

In addition to her website and socials, Annette also is the host and co-found of the  @fatgirlstravelingpod and @fatgirlstraveling community on Instagram, giving plus-sized women the confidence to go solo traveling!

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19. Jazmin Harb (@traveltoblank)

Jazmin and her partner Stevie travel the world together, writing about their experiences on their bilingual site, Travel to Blank. As an Arab-Latina, Jazmin has a unique point of view which is really interesting to read about.

Their feed is full of amazing cityscapes and adventures from 81 countries – and some super cute couple photos!

20. Ana Dominguez (@thecitysidewalks)

As a Puerto Rican travel blogger living in New York City, Ana Dominguez shares much insight about PR culture in the city and beyond.

Her site also includes a ton of content about manifesting your goals., traveling solo as a woman, and even blogs about wellness and mindset when you’re out on the road!

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