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Marrakesh, Morocco: Luxury Villa Escape with Dar Zemora

Marrakesh, Morocco: Luxury Villa Escape with Dar Zemora

There is nothing more special than a young woman’s relationship to her mother. A legacy of spiritual wealth and knowledge is often passed through each new generation, and this is a great way to keep culture and tradition alive.

My mother raised my siblings and I differently than her own upbringing. She lived her whole life within 25 square miles (Los Angeles county) and today, her children are scattered across the world like confetti exploding from a Mexican pinata. I probably travel an average of 100,000 to 150,000 miles a year; the whole world is my backyard. Now it’s my Mom’s turn.


Recently, my mother accompanied me to Dar Zemora (Marrakesh) for her very first adventure to North Africa. Unsure about anything other than her faith in me, she fearlessly followed me into the unknown. We arrived rather late at night (9:00pm) and we were warmly greeted by the Dar Zemora private taxi service. This immediately put us at ease; we knew that Dar Zemora had prepared an incredible experience for us – which went at our own pace – so we could sit back, relax, and immerse ourselves. My Mom’s greatest joy is chasing her children across the global. From Madrid to Port to Marrakesh, she follows us happily in tow; excited to experience things her mother could only imagine.

Perfectly rated on TripAdvisor (5 Stars), Dar Zemora is a welcomed oasis in the middle of what can sometimes be considered a ‘hectic’ location (Marrakesh). If you’re looking to enjoy Marrakesh at your own pace, this is the PERFECT accommodation for you. Dar Zemora provides elegant luxury for a reasonable price.

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The Villa:

Dar Zemora is a converted luxury villa that has multiple rooms, common areas, and substantial square footage for people to roam peacefully. There’s a wall surrounding the property to provide privacy and you’re able to roam the grounds freely without worry. This would be ideal for a wedding or large private party as everyone could live on the same property. Our individual room was incredible. We had two double beds, a private balcony to take afternoon tea, and an incredible bathroom that was covered in lush Moroccan trimmings. It was absolute luxury and a welcomed escape from the afternoon heat.


The Villa is in the middle of a large, protected estate and there is a real sense of peace to the property. There are wild turtles that sunbath alongside patrons whilst the birds sing in the sunlight. In the center of the Villa, there are multiple common rooms for people to enjoy downtime whilst taking tea or reading in the shade. The pool is heated and is a DIVINE break to the scorching African sun.


We had breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner every day at Dar Zemora. Each meal was more incredible than the last and the menu was so varied that we happily stayed within the resort grounds the entire time we were there.

For each meal at Dar Zemora, you can expect the following:

• Variety of flat breads
• Three local jams or honeys to put on the bread
• Mixed fruit
• One or two eggs from a local farm
• Orange juice, coffee, and Moroccan Mint Tea

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• Bread and olive oil to start
• 3 – 4 small, cold vegetable dishes
• Tagine or grilled meat/vegetable main

Afternoon Tea:
• Moroccan Mint Tea
• Biscuits
• Fruit

• Bread and olive oil to start
• Glass of local Moroccan Wine
• 3 – 4 small, cold vegetable dishes
• Tagine or grilled meat/vegetable main
• Dessert

Dar Zemora was very accommodating to food preferences and allergies and the food was made with local ingredients and staples from nearby farms and gardens.


Camel Rides: My mother came to Morocco with one goal in mind: to ride a camel. Within a single hour, Dar Zemora was able to source two camels and a wonderful guide to take us around the neighborhood. He was incredibly friendly and spoke perfect English. He was educated us on the history of Morocco and gave us a brief insight into his life-long career working with camels. He even made these beautiful rings for my mother and I at the end of our journey.

Spa: We had a 1 hour massage in the Spa with two wonderful women. It was so relaxing to have a quiet space to talk and reflect on this incredible experience we were sharing. There are multiple treatments offered and you can book on the day.

Tours: Whilst we didn’t schedule any tours with Dar Zemora, I did speak with other people at the resort who raved about the experiences that Dar Zemora provided for them. It was quite easy to move to and from the packed Medina/Square via taxi and Dar Zemora was more than happy to arrange anything we might need.

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