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H21 Boutique Hotel: Mexico City’s Best Cultural Hotel

Traveling opens so many doors to the world. You get to see first-hand how the other half lives and sometimes it’s in a way SO different to your way of living that you completely fall in love.

My most authentic cultural experience whilst I was in Mexico for nearly 3 weeks was the time I spent in Coyoacán; a southern borough of Mexico City that is the home to middle-class Mexican families, loads of mercados (markets), and Frida Kahlo’s museum.

This is where real families come together to live peacefully in Mexico City whilst indulging in food, sun, and community.

This cultural experience was made possible by H21 Boutique Hotel. The owner – Cristian – and his sister – Claudia – run an incredible B&B in the heart of Coyoacán and the property is basically an interior design magazine brought to life!

Key Details

  • 3-Star Hotel
  • 21 Higuera La Concepción, Mexico City
  • Average night ~£121 ($158) per night

Good For

  • Romantic Getaways, Small Groups of Friends, Small Families
  • Authentic, Mexican Cultural Experience
  • Those who adore personal touches and attention to detail

My Arrival Experience

We arrived in the afternoon after a full-day of traveling. We had just flown out of Cuba and we were in desperate need of a shower and some Wifi. We decided to take an Uber from the airport because it was quite convenient and affordable.

We easily found the entrance to H21 Boutique Hotel and we were immediately greeted by Claudia with a warm smile. It took us only 2 minutes to check-in as the property is quite modern and quaint.

There are four main suites:

  • Design Loft, 1 King Bed with Sofa bed, Non Smoking, Kitchenette
  • Design Suite, 1 Queen Bed
  • Design Loft, 2 Queen Beds, Non Smoking, Kitchenette
  • Design Suite, 1 King Bed

We were lucky enough to have the Design Suite with the King Bed and we were blown away by the stunning interior design. As soon as you enter, your eyes are drawn to every corner of the room, lapping up the thoughtful details. The photos on the wall were all from the local area by a local artist.

The brilliant red mango and chili welcome treat stood out against the deep wooden hues. There were design books scattered around the room that we immediately wanted to dive into to get a better understanding of how we too could accomplish something so beautiful in our own home.

Authentic Cultural Experience

Up until this point in our trip, we had primarily been doing tourist activities through Mexico City. Whilst I do believe we got a good opportunity to witness the regular, authentic lives of local Mexicans in the city center; Coyoacán was a completely different experience.

The pace of life was slower, the families flocked to the park in the center of the borough, and the food was mind-blowing; and I don’t say that lightly.

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Top 3 Restaurants in Coyoacán

  • La Coyoacana – There is never NOT a line in front of La Coyoacana. Just a few feet away from the entrance of H21, La Coyoacana was popping day and night starting from 1pm. In order to experience this OUTSTANDING location, you should definitely consider going at odd times in the day. Order the ‘Moleajete de Arrachera‘ – it is a red-meat sharing platter that you NEED to get along with house margaritas and the guacamole. Actually, any of the ‘molcajetes‘ will do.
  • La Casa de los Tacos – With a huge range to choose from an a little senora in the corner making fresh tortillas, La Casa de Los Tacos is definitely a must-visit restaurant to round out your taco-eating journey through Mexico City. Don’t be shy with trying a few of the insect toppings either 😉
  • La Calaca – Decorated with lovely skulls and Mexican cultural artifacts, this is definitely a must-do experience whilst in Coyoacán! Let the mariachis music wash over you along with a few margaritas.

My Experience in Coyoacán

What was most special to me about my experience in Coyoacán was the ability to walk-around at my own pace, without feeling like I was overwhelmed. In a city of 22 million people, it’s easy to feel like there’s too much going on at once.

During our time in Coyoacán we were able to sit in the park for a few hours and watch live theatre for children, peruse the outdoor markets, and enjoy local food culture for hours. If you want a little taste of the REAL Mexico City – Coyoacán is the place to do it.

Top Sites in Coyoacán

  • Frida Kahlo Museum – Known as ‘The Frida Kahlo’ neighborhood, Coyoacán is home to the incredible Frida Kahlo Museum.
  • Coyoacán Markets – Come get all of your beloved souvenirs at the outdoor Coyoacán markets. There are decent prices and lots of variety so you’re sure to find something for someone.
  • Centro de Coyoacán – Come enjoy outdoor theater, people watching, and the sunshine in the center of Coyoacán with all of the local families and young adults. You’ll see street performers, edible bugs for sale, and so much more!
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I absolutely adored my authentic cultural experience in Mexico City with H21 Boutique Hotel! Their helpful recommendations and genuine warmth, when we met with them, were so special to us. It’s meeting and supporting people like this that really energizes me during my longer trips because I feel like I’m making relationships and connections that will last a lifetime.

If you’re planning on going to Mexico City, you should also check out my Mexico City Guide! I have loads of great food and tourism recommendations and this information is free to access.

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