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My Honest Review of Hotel Punto Mx in Mexico City

Mexico City is a VIBE. The streets are bustling with people constantly.  The air is thick with different smells peeking out of the local restaurants and food stands. With nearly 22 million people in the greater Mexico City area, there’s a true heartbeat to the city that you just can’t deny! And what better way to enjoy the MAGIC of Mexico City for the first time than by staying in the heart of the Historical Center with Hotel Punto Mx.

Key Details

As I dive into the details of my review, I wanted to first provide a quick snapshot of some important details about Hotel Punto Mx:


  • Average $85 per night
  • 3.5-star hotel with restaurant
  • Near Ayuntamiento (City Hall)
  • Address: Calle República de Uruguay 47, Cuauhtemoc, Mexico City, CDMX, 06020, Mexico

Good For:

  • People who want to be in the hustle and bustle of Mexico City
  • Couples, Groups of Friends, Families with older children
  • Foodies! So many options in a walkable distance

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My Experience

We arrived to Mexico City at 8pm, completely and utterly jetlagged. It was a 12 hour flight, I had been awake for at least 24 hours at that point… death seemed imminent (lol). Then our baggage took AGGGEESS to be unloaded so there was literally nothing better than seeing our taxi driver holding a sign that said ‘Vanessa’ once we exited. He was very welcoming, spoke some English due to his 6 month stint working in California, and was more than happy to field our questions about Mexico City.

When we arrived to Hotel Punto Mx, the front desk sorted us out completely in under 2 minutes. He could tell that we were exhausted and that the only thing we wanted more than an authentic Mexican margarita was to go to bed immediately. The person who helped us spoke immaculate English so if this is important to you, fret not. I was having a ball practicing my Spanish and everyone was very kind with their compliments about my child-like mastery of the Spanish language.

The PERFECT Honeymoon Suite

As this was our honeymoon, we were blessed with a gorgeous suite that also had an indoor jacuzzi! The sheets were luxurious and soft, the bed actually fit my 2 meter tall husband (which is rare!) and the bathroom was beautifully tiled. We felt super spoiled in this suite. A few subtle details that stuck out to me:

  • The jacuzzi was ‘outdoor’ with a tinted roof that let loads of natural light in
  • The electrical sockets had USB plugs so it didn’t matter if we had adaptors or not
  • The room service was AMAZING! Anything you could possibly want would appear at your door in under 30 seconds
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The absolutely BEST part about the room was the fact that you couldn’t hear anything from the street or the other rooms in your personal palace of silence; which is exactly what you need sometimes after a long day of traveling.

Organizing Travel & Transport

The front desk was spectacular with helping us organize cars and taxis to take us around town. Whilst there is Uber in Mexico City, I would still recommend using a private car for farther destinations or more lengthy stays. Getting out of Mexico City to these far-away destinations is the easy part… the hard part is getting back.

For example, we were planning to do a day trip to Tenochtitlan and it was going to be a one-way, $220 peso trip with Uber. However, once we were there, we also needed to go to a restaurant that was close-by called ‘La Gruta‘ and we would likely need to pay an extortionate price get a short ride over by a local driver who just ‘happened‘ to be outside of Tenochtitlan. THEN, we would need an additional Uber back to the city and if we couldn’t get one, we would have to take a very packed, public bus for nearly 2 hours back home. No thank you!

Instead, Hotel Punto Mx organized a private cab for us with a local driver in a mid-size SUV and we comfortably rode up to Tenochtitlan without a problem. The driver then waiting for us for a few hours whilst we took photos and explored, only to run into two people that we had met on a prior tour at Tenochtitlan. We offered to share our cab and lunch reservation at La Gruta (because you HAVE to book 3 weeks in advance) and we had a wonderful afternoon. The driver was polite, accommodating and was very patient with our wanderings. For 6 hours, we paid $1500 pesos or $80 and it was worth every dime!

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Food & Dining


Every morning, we wandered downstairs to the Hotel Punto Mx breakfast buffet and we were never disappointed. There’s a made-to-order omelette bar that was my absolute FAVORITE. Each morning, I got to create new omelettes based on traditional mexican meats and vegetable combinations and I was in HEAVEN. There were also multiple aguas frescas to choose from so I kept going back for seconds, thirds, and forths.

For anyone who is less inclined to dive into Mexico food first thing in the morning, there were also loads of foreign options available; even fresh-made waffles!


After a long morning of tourism, we LOVED coming back to Hotel Punto Mx to enjoy an ice-cold margarita whilst we looked at the photos we took during the day. These margaritas were SO lovely, sweet, and there was always a rim of salt that tickled my taste-buds with every sip. It was the perfect place to relax, recoup, and prepare ourselves for dinner; which was always a beast.


Whilst dinner was offered in the Hotel Punto Mx restaurant, there was just SO MUCH FOOD outside as well, we had a hard time choosing where to go. Fortunately, the concierge had loads of wonderful recommendations AND so did the bellboy. We actually conversed with the bellboy loads during our time there because he was quite charming and knowledgeable about the surrounding area.

Top Food Locations Around Hotel Punto Mx

Yes of course you can go to the fancy food establishments that are scattered around the Historical Center, but you should also try a few down to earth local places as well! I PROMISE you – the food is just as good 😉 All of these recommendations (and more!) can be found in my FREE downloadable Google Maps Guide below. Here are my top local restaurants in the Historical Center neighborhood!

  1. Casa Churra – what an incredible and delightful accident! We literally stood in line for multiple ‘fancy’ restaurants that all of the blogs said we should try and we couldn’t get in. This was 100 m from Hotel Punto Mx and we were blown away by the authentic cuisine. I had a Mole Tamale that gave me LIFE and I washed it all down with a jamaica agua fresca.
  2. La Casa de Tono – yet another incredible and life-changing restaurant just a few meters away from Hotel Punto Mx! This one fills up quickly, so you’ll want to go at odd times or just before the dinner rush at 6pm. The food was incredible and after 6 or 7 courses, the bill only came out to $20.
  3. El Moro – I hope you’re patient with lines, because we NEVER saw this place without one. Whilst we weren’t brave enough to weather the wait, I’m 100% sure it’s totally worth it. Grab a coffee and a churro and watch the world pass by without worry.
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Hotel Punto Mx was the perfect home-away from home for us while we were in the heart of Mexico City. Everything was so walkable, it was the perfect launch pad for nearly everything that was wanted to do in town. I would absolutely recommend Hotel Punto Mx to anyone who wants to stay in the middle of it all! Thank you so much for being a valued sponsor of Wander Onwards.

FREE Google Maps Guide

Don’t forget to download my Mexico City Google Maps Guide onto your phone! It’s the perfect way to check out the city and I’ve pinned LOADS of restaurants around the Historical Center. Just press the ‘[ ]’ to download onto your Google Maps app.

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