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Pack Your Bags!

Based on your quiz responses, your top locations are: 

Middle East & Africa

What to wear in Marrakesh

Based on your quiz answers, I would recommend that you relocate to the Middle East or Africa! Career progression and financial opportunities seem to be particularly important to you. It’s okay if social priorities take a backseat in the interest of bettering your family’s circumstances as soon as possible.

48-Hour Special Gift!

Here’s 40% off my ‘Move Abroad’ Master Class! In 6 weeks, you’ll learn everything you need to know about building a better life abroad. Use ‘WanderTheWorld’ at checkout to redeem the discount!

What’s holding you back?

  • ‘I’m super close to my family & could never leave them behind’ Moving abroad doesn’t have to be forever and your loved ones want you to live your best life. Plus they can come visit!
  • ‘I have too much debt/I can’t afford to move abroad’
    The cost of living and salaries are often better outside of America, giving you ample funds for debt smashing & traveling!
  • ‘People say it’s dangerous outside of America’
    No country is perfect, but with better social security and stricter gun laws, being abroad is often safer than being at home.
  • ‘It’s just not the right time in my life’
    If you have the freedom to prioritize yourself – do it now! Tomorrow isn’t promised and you’ll never say ‘what if’ again. 
  • ‘Isn’t this just running away?’
    The revolution is not on your shoulders! You deserve to find your place in the world and to prioritize your happiness.  

Who Should Join?

  • Partners of foreign nationals looking to join their partner or family member abroad. 
  • Adventure lovers interested in relocating abroad for 1-2 years to make travel more accessible.
  • Professionals interested in pursuing better academic and career opportunities abroad for 2-5 years.
  • Financially independent people or early retirees looking to settle in a more affordable location.

Figuring out the logistics of moving abroad was so emotionally taxing and financially difficult, I wish I had a course just like this one in 2013. Today, I’m using my 8 years of experience to help you build a better life abroad; no matter your background!

What You’ll Learn

Aligning Your Values

In Week 1, you’ll clarify your motivations, values, and hopes for your new life abroad! This way, you’re working towards building something better.

Visas & Immigration

In Week 2, we’ll do a deep dive into visas, immigration, and the logistics behind pulling this crazy dream off with as little drama as possible!

Funding & Logstics

In Week 3, we’re going into the details about how to get your move abroad fully funded and logistical expectations/steps.

Culture & Integration

In Week 4, you’ll learn how to integrate into the expat and local scene with new language skills, an international community, & public services.

Graduate With A 6 Month Plan!

At the end of your course, you’ll graduate with a detailed and country-specific 6-month plan for your great escape abroad! 

Pack Your Bags!

Invest in the life of your dreams today.

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