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Packing Problems: Last Minute Clothing Hacks While On The Go

The weather promised me that it would behave for my time in Germany, but it failed me like that ex-boyfriend you had to unfriend on Facebook. There were some hefty promises made… it’ll be sunny while you’re in Dusseldorf… pack dresses so you can enjoy the breeze… and then I completely got screwed and was shaking outside in a mini-dress.

So I did what any good female does, I hit the mall and dragged my German translator, I mean friend, to the nearest shopping center for late-minute clothing hacks. 

Unfortunately, I was literally just wearing that mini-dress (hint hint) and there were some vital undergarments that were missing.

But after some resourceful hunting, I was able to secure a new outfit in 20 minutes flat for under 60 Euros. Here’s how.

1. Look for Basics

There’s no easier way to throw together a last-minute outfit while traveling than to buy basics that can be used with other pieces in your suitcase. Avoid making the same mistake twice by buying things you know that you already have and buying something that addresses the immediate issue.

Did you spill something all over your pants? Don’t buy another cute skirt if it’s below 50 degrees because there was a reason for wearing pants in the first place.

2. Bring Back the Bikini

Since bras are a bazillion dollars now (rough estimate), I opted for a bright orange bikini to prevent unnecessary flashing while in Dusseldorf.

#Freethenipple is all good well and I support YOUR RIGHT to flash the goodies whenever you damn well please… but I had a feeling my bf’s traditional German parents wouldn’t appreciate my liberal behavior.  

The orange looked super cute under my sheer white shirt and I only paid 7 Euros for it. Score.

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3. Always Buy Socks

If you’re switching up your shoes last minute and plan on walking around in the new pair immediately, be sure to buy socks beforehand or you’ll risk getting blisters all over your feet… which is what basically happened to me.  

I literally peeled off a piece of my toe (sexy) after walking for 5 hours in new leather shoes from the Netherlands and they were hand-made and of fantastic quality.  

I ended up taking a pitstop at a pharmacy to replace my skin with medicated bandaids specifically for this problem; which is also another option.

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4. Consider Pieces that Transition from Night to Day

If you plan on heading to the bars or clubs without heading home to change, be sure to purchase pieces that can make the transition with you.  

Denying people who are underdressed is not unheard of in Europe and you don’t want to hold your friends back throughout the night by not planning ahead.  

Loose shirts are fantastic for transitioning from night to day because you can tie the material up and transition to a cute crop top seamlessly.

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