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Thanks for being here at Wander Onwards! We are unable to answer every email so I’ve created a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section with helpful resources. Please start there.

You can expect a prompt response in 48 hours if you are:

I appreciate your understanding. If you scroll beyond the FAQ, you can directly email me using the embedded form.

I do not give feedback/advice via Email

To receive my direct assistance on your personal circumstances, you need to book a private coaching session. I do not respond to emails or DMs asking for feedback or advice. Frequently asked questions can likely be answered with one of my resources below.

You can also use the search bar below for common topics like: “move abroad,” “work in tech,” “move to london,” and more.


How can I move abroad?

  • My Move Abroad Starter Kit is the perfect solution to launch your move abroad with 3x helpful video tutorials and a planner/checklist. 

How can I find a job abroad?

  • Please read my ‘Find a job abroad’ article which goes into detail how to find a job abroad even without a college degree. I cannot sponsor your visa or give you a job. This is not a service I offer and I am not an immigration lawyer nor a recruiter. This is an education platform where I share resources and information only.

How can I do a masters degree abroad?

I saw your TikTok/Instagram post, where can I find more information about that topic?

  • Please go back to that post and search the comments/caption for further information. I do not have any further information beyond what I’ve shared publicly – unless otherwise mentioned.

How can I pivot into tech with no experience?

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