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Dragonfly Spa in Beijing: The Perfect Therapeutic Retreat

Here is why you NEED to add a visit to the Dragonfly Spa in Beijing to your bucket list.

There are two terrifying truths about living in Beijing:

  1. That you WILL eventually contract a physically crippling ailment of some sort.
  2. You WILL run into a crazy ex on a date with another person

And these two things will happen to you… over and over and over again. Yay.

Since cruel fate dictates the latter, I have made a conscious effort to prevent the first prophesy from coming true… too often.  But sometimes, things are just out of your control.  Such as contracting salmonella… which happened.  Expect the gruesome details to come at a later time.

As an expat, something that’s hard to find in China is proper cosmetic service.  It sounds like a first-world problem because it is.  And that’s okay.  Waxing is particularly confusing for the Chinese because they just don’t see the point.  It’s hair.  It’s there.  Get used to it.

But since I’m LA grown, my hunt for the perfect facial, waxing, and massage combo began as soon as I arrived in China.  The process was painful and grueling.  Once, I had to coach some bimbo about how to use honey wax properly; another time, some girl insisted that I needed a bleaching facial because my skin was “too dark.” And on a separate occasion, I had to walk out of a wax, mid-procedure, because I was burned badly… on my face.  Amateur.

But I persevered.

Eventually, I found Dragonfly in Sanlitun, tucked away into a corner, untouched by the recent surge in construction.  After a few visits, I was so hooked on their services that I even got a VIP Membership Card!

Here.  Take my money. Please don’t ever leave me.

Because I’m incredibly superficial, I’ve had the pleasure of sampling beauty treatments all over Europe, Asia, South-East Asia, and the United States.  I know what’s hot, what’s not, and when I should probably just set my money on fire instead… but I don’t because I want another facial.  Don’t play games with your skin in China.  Trust me.

The Best Services at Dragonfly Spa & the Prices

Here are my top three favorite steals from Dragonfly Beijing!

Waxing Prices

My favorite wax is hard blue or pink wax because I feel like it’s the most efficient and painless wax out there.  It’s called “hard wax” because it doesn’t need a strip to be ripped off. 

You can tell if your Esthetician is not an idiot if she pours a generous amount of hard wax and spreads it in the direction of the hair growth, but rips it in the opposite direction. 

It’s really fun… said no one ever.  If you’re going after large body parts (i.e. legs, back, arms, etc), Dragonfly’s Estheticians use honey wax and strips to make the process more efficient.  

The finesse of the Dragonfly Estheticians really makes the difference in your experience.

Notice: The “Brazilian” or “Playboy” procedure is ONLY available to women.  Guess you guys are out of luck. ;]

Bikini – 160 RMB
Brazilian – 240 RMB
Playboy – 225 RMB
Eyebrows – 115 RMB
Underarms – 135 RMB
Full Legs – 325 RMB
All other pricing can be found on their website here.

The Price of Facials at Dragonfly Spa

Because of all the pollution and stress, my skin is a reflection of my emotional and physically stability.  If I’m eating and sleeping like hell, my skin will put that on display for the entire world to see. 

Looking “natural” takes a ton of effort and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  My favorite deluxe facial changes based on the season.  The Collagen Mask with Concentrate is my go-to during the summer, but I can’t ignore my skin’s need for the Hydrone Moistening Treatment during Beijing’s dry winters. 

I always try to slather on collagen whenever I get the opportunity because it increases cell production and my skin desperately needs the help since I spend so much time outside. 

After a few hours of hiking or running, all of that sweat, grime, and sun exposure tends to make my skin look aged and gritty. Super cute, I know. 

But I’d take that over flakiness any day; which is how my skin looks after a harsh, windy Beijing winter.  As the seasons change, so does my beauty regiment.

Prices of Facials:
Basic Cleansing Treatment (70 min) – 400 RMB
Firming Facial Treatment (75 min) – 500 RMB
Eye Contour Treatment (75 min) – 280 RMB
Collagen Mask with Concentrate (40 min) – 300 RMB
Hydrone Moistening Treatment (70 min) – 560 RMB
All other pricing can be found on their website here.

Dragonfly Massage Prices

Doing CrossFit 4-5 times a week tends to take a toll on my body.  For that reason, I have to go into Dragonfly once a month for a massage to decrease my recovery time and increase my performance with simple routine maintenance.  Normally, I get the Chinese Massage because the masseuse digs into every nook and crevasse like my lacrosse ball can’t.  It’s definitely not for the delicate, but it does help prevent chronic muscle pain.

Recently, I had the Hot Stone Massage at Dragonfly and was blown away by the experience.  It was far more relaxing and soothing than I could have ever expected, and it was more of a delicious treat to myself than a recovery method.  Don’t be fooled by classic spa photos.  No one puts hot stones on your back, walks away, and then, takes devastatingly beautiful photos of you… I already asked.  A hot stone massage starts with a masseuse rubbing two hot stones very quickly on your skin, and then he or she will progressively slow down the speed as your skin becomes more familiar with the temperature.  The ocean-like rhythm of the stones on your skin promotes circulation and lulls you into peaceful state.  It was definitely well deserved after these crazy last few months.

Hot Stone Massage (90 min) – 580 RMB
Chinese Massage (60 min) – 188 RMB
Oriental Foot Massage (60 min) – 188 RMB
All other pricing can be found on their website here.

Deals and Discounts Available at Your Dragonfly Retreat

There are 20%-50% discounts available for students, teachers, and embassy members on specific days during the week.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to save big!

Telephone 6593 6066
English Address: Ground floor of Eastern Inn, Sanlitun Nan Lu, Chaoyang district
Chinese Address: 朝阳区南三里屯路逸羽酒店一层
Open: 10am-midnight (massages); 10am-10pm (nails and facials) daily.

Read More About China:



Tuesday 13th of May 2014

I love Dragonfly!!!! Its the best place in Beijing haha:)

I saw on your Instagram a few posts- do you work there now? (Coaching how to wax properly? :D) btw great website! Keep it up!

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Sunday 4th of May 2014

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HealMor Oil

Thursday 24th of April 2014

Well Do they have any branch in Shanxi.