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Crete, Greece: Stay in the Heart of Chania with Fileas Art Hotel (Aria Hotels)

Whenever I’m traveling to a new place, location is always one of the most important details for me to consider. I didn’t just fly across the world to commute into a city after all! Chania, Crete (Greece) is such a walkable city, you should stay in the middle of the Old City.

Not only is Fileas Art Hotel centrally located, it is part of the wonderful Aria Hotels brand so you know your experience is in good hands.

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About the Aria Hotels Brand:

I was invited to Crete by the Aria Hotels brand and it was an amazing opportunity to collaborate with a family business that prioritizes hospitality above all else.

Aria Hotels is a family-owned boutique hotel and villas company that offers holiday-makers authentic hospitality experiences and the ultimate in simple, effortless charm. The company has numerous hotels and villas in exceptional destinations of unique natural beauty throughout Greece: Athens, Cyclades, Crete, Epirus and the Peloponnese.”

Aria Hotels Website

Just by experiencing the brand, the people, and the services, I could immediately tell that a lot of thought and heart went into the creation and curation of the various hotels within the brand.

About Chania & Fileas Art Hotel

Pronounced as ‘Hania,‘ is a vibrant city with a diverse history. Enjoy the Venetian Quarter with narrow lanes and hidden boutique shops on the east side of the city (east side). The Venetian Harbor is perfect for a summer stroll and the path is lined with restaurants and bars for you to enjoy all day long.

You can enjoy unique Cretan cuisine (that is uniquely Cretan – not Greek) that was developed from Crete’s long and diverse history.  The Old City is likely where you’ll spend the majority of your time as the west side is more residential.

Here are my top reasons why you should book Fileas Art Hotel for your upcoming Chania trip.

  1. It’s extremely well-located
  2. The staff and owners are well-versed in hospitality and tourism
  3. They organized an incredible tour of Chania for us (with Alma de Creta)

As Chania is Crete’s main cultural hub, there are certain important parts of this beautiful city that can only be experienced on foot. Whilst driving around Crete is easy, Chania is more of a walking city since many of the roads are pedestrian-only zones. For that reason, being in such a centrally located hotel made a difference in our Chania experience.

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Our Experience

We arrived 4 hours later than we were supposed to; not a great start to my trip! Our flight was delayed by 3.5 hours, but the front desk of Fileas Art Hotel was so kind and waited for us to finally arrive. It took a lot of stress off our minds knowing that we were working with such a flexible staff.

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Before being escorted to our room, we were also told about the area and given tips for local eateries. This really helped us navigate our first night in Chania when we had no idea what to expect. Especially after such a dramatic start to our holiday, this reassured us that we were in the right hands.

Hot Tip: Stay to the east of the Venetian Harbor when you’re looking for ocean-side reservations. These restaurants are more tasty with fewer tourists.

Chania crete Old town map

The hotel is an ‘art hotel’ because the walls are decorated with pieces from local artists and these pieces are circulated in and out to give upcoming artists more exposure. The artistic details weren’t limited to just the rooms, however. Our room was a brilliant symphony of colors and textures.

There was a quirky cow theme to the decor, which popped alongside the stunning blues and yellows. There were artificial grass details in the bathroom and a divine rainforest shower as well. All of our important documents and tech bits were easily stored in the complimentary safe that was discreetly hidden in our closet.

In the mornings, we would eat at Fileas Art Hotel’s sister hotel for breakfast. This was at a beautiful cafe on the Venetian harbor and we would watch the city come to life as everyone started their day. The food was sweet and delicious, but the coffee was truly amazing!

Not always for the faint of heart, Greek coffee is quite dense and packed with bitter flavors, which creates a full-body experience for the drinker. I take mine black; like my heart <3 (joking).

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