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The Best Things to Do in Münster, Germany

Welcome to Münster! Here are all the best things to do in Münster, Germany.

Since Germany is just a few hours away from London, I head back to my husband’s homeland every 3 or so months to visit the family in a village outside of Düsseldorf.

There’s only SO MUCH you can do in a village of 100,000 people – most over the age of 55 – so I’m always pushing for day trips to nearby cities.

I was pleasantly surprised about how much I loved this university city, with its eco-friendly bike culture and popping nightlife. I was lucky enough to experience the last Christmas markets of the year as well on December 23rd so be sure to check them out in the city center!

Whilst Münster isn’t as big or busy as neighboring Düsseldorf, it’s definitely worth taking a day trip or a weekend trip into town to reset from the hustle and bustle of big city life.

a girl walking through Münster, Germany

Where to Stay in Münster

Since I was staying nearby with family, I wasn’t able to sample any local hospitality hotspots. Nevertheless, I would recommend staying as close to the city center as possible since there are really only buses that provide public transportation to and from. 

A quick Google on Expedia will show you various options and I would choose anything that is less than 0.5 miles from the city center (i.e. Domplatz). AirBnBs are also well affordable so there are plenty of options!

Things To Do in Münster

My only real request for my day trip to Münster was to go on a walking tour, but since the city is thriving with university students, there’s quite a bit to eat and enjoy during the night.

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I would recommend the following:

  1. Wochenmarkt (Weekend Market)
  2. Have a picnic on a pedal boat on Lake Aasee
  3. Enjoy live music and cheap drinks at Gorilla Bar #StudentLife
  4. Get weird at Coconut Beach with locals (pool, sand, and beach provided – bring sandals, leave your self-respect at home)

The Weather in Münster

I’m visiting in December so the weather is pretty cold at the moment (3C), but the weather varies during the year.

Culturally, Münster is quite open and you can happily wear whatever you want, whenever you want. Whether that’s more or less – whatever you feel most comfortable in – you’ll always feel at home in Münster.

the temperature in Münster

Well, there you have it! The perfect recipe for a day trip through Münster! If you don’t know anyone in the area, I think a long weekend or a day trip would be the ideal amount of time to holiday in Münster.

If you’ve just moved to Münster and you’re looking to make friends, why not try MeetUp? It’s an easy way to make local friends with similar interests as you! Be brave, be bold, and be you <3

More photos!

a statue fountain in Münster, Germany
a church and a Christmas tree in Munster, Germany
a street in Munster, Germany
a church in Munster