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Is BetterHelp Available Internationally?

Is BetterHelp available internationally? Let’s dive in and find out.

When you’re moving overseas or are traveling for a long time, you can sometimes experience loneliness or miss home. It’s completely normal.

Traveling is great, as is moving overseas, but it’s not without its challenges. It can be difficult to find mental health support that understands you.

Whether that’s literally with a language barrier, on a cultural basis, or any other demographical hurdle, bespoke therapy that’s remote and accessible is hard to come by. BetterHelp claims to help bridge this gap.

What is BetterHelp?

Essentially BetterHelp is an app that connects therapists with clients around the world. You can message your assigned therapist at any time or set up specific times for appointments.

When you set up your profile, you’ll be asked a ton of demographic questions and be asked about your preferences for a therapist.

You might prefer a woman or someone who is LGBTQ, or someone who has experience with race-related issues. All of these things are options.

From the age range of your therapist to their beliefs around religion and more, you can filter your search to have a therapist that is likely to understand your specific needs and situation. 

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Where is BetterHelp Based?

From a legal standpoint and development standpoint, BetterHelp is based in the US. This also means that the overwhelming amount of therapists and mental health professionals on their books are American.

If you’re a US citizen overseas, this can be massively reassuring as there is less likely to be a cultural or language barrier between you and your therapist.

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Is BetterHelp Available Internationally?

Okay, so the big question is: is BetterHelp international? Yes, Betterhelp is available internationally and is currently accessible in around 200 countries according to the BetterHelp website.

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Of course, if your therapist is based in San Francisco and you’re in New Delhi, the time difference might prove tricky if you’re having some imminent mental health concerns. 

In a similar way, if you’re on a beachfront in Bali with no WiFi or available mobile data, you’re not going to be able to talk to your therapist.

So, BetterHelp is available internationally, but it works best when your therapist is within a couple of timezones of where you are and is contingent on whether or not you have a stable internet connection. 

Keep both these things in mind when you set up your profile and pick your therapist. If you’re fairly nomadic, try and get a therapist as close to your future time zones as possible.

Can I Get BetterHelp International in my Native Language?

According to BetterHelp’s website, there are therapists available in 56 different languages. The vast majority of therapists are English-speaking, so the more niche your language, the fewer therapists you’ll have to choose from overall.

That being said, 56 is a lot of different languages to be included in one therapy app, so there are plenty of possibilities here!

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You Can Use Betterhelp as an Expat

So, if you’re traveling overseas or moving abroad as an expat and need some extra help, BetterHelp is available in approximately 200 countries and has therapists who can speak a choice of 56 languages currently on their books. 

This gives you a wide amount of options when it comes to finding a therapist that can understand your personal experience and cultural background – things that tend to be lacking if you go to therapy in a different country that isn’t familiar with your views, upbringing, or other societal factors.

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BetterHelp aims to straddle that gap with accessible therapy no matter whereabouts in the world you happen to find yourself.

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