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How to Find Jobs Abroad on Linkedin

How to Find Jobs Abroad on Linkedin

One of the best places to find jobs abroad is LinkedIn. As a global platform, it’s easy to filter your search by international location, job type, seniority level, and more. However, finding jobs abroad on Linkedin isn’t just about the search function. Here’s the best way to utilize Linkedin to find a job abroad.

8 Tips for Finding a Job Abroad on Linkedin

If you’re looking for a job abroad, it can be tricky to know where to start. Most countries have their own preferred job websites that you might not be aware of or you may need to find jobs with visa sponsorship attached.

1. It’s All About the Connections

The main selling point of LinkedIn is creating connections across industries across the world. It’s the ultimate networking event. Add connections in the location that you’re moving to in influential positions.

Then you’ll be able to see their posts and other similar connections until you have a ready-built professional network for when you move abroad. 

Personalize your connection requests and perhaps mention that you’re about to move into the area and are either looking for opportunities or seeking out professionals in the area for guidance. This gives you a point of difference from all their other connection requests. 

2. Update Your Profile

Think of your LinkedIn profile as your modern-day resume. It needs to be up-to-date and ready for potential hiring teams to look at it and think, yes, this person has what it takes.

Make sure your dates all add up, get some skill endorsements from old colleagues, and add any professional accreditations or certificates to boost your profile. Also, make sure you have a profile photo – no photo is a red flag on LinkedIn.

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At the same time, update your resume. Some businesses will just look at your profile, but many still require resumes and cover letters so ensure it’s current, relevant for the roles you’re going for, and that it matches your LinkedIn profile.

3. Use Networking Groups

Linkedin also has a group function now which is often set up for specific professional bodies, organizations, or industries in a specific place. For example, you might join a group that’s for accountants in Strasbourg, or media professionals in Milan.

This is a great microcosm and an easy way to see a lot of relevant posts without having to manually send a ton of connection requests. They’ll normally post about events that are going on, new grant or job opportunities, and industry insights, so it’s an ideal place to look.

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4. Create Content

Most people go on LinkedIn and scroll through the content on their home feed. Stand out by creating content or sharing insightful articles from other sources that are relevant to your industry. It shows that you’re active and engaged in your field, and up-to-date with the latest goings on.

The more people who like, comment, or share your post, the greater your reach is going to be. This in turn means that when you’re looking for jobs, you’ve got a better chance of finding someone who’s hiring.

5. Select “Open to New Opportunities”

When you’re on your profile, you can change your job status to “actively seeking new opportunities.” This is like a homing beacon for recruiters who will reach out with potential job roles.

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It’s worth changing your location to your new home before you change this setting, otherwise, you won’t be sent to recruiters or opportunities overseas. 

Once you do this, you can see who comes to you. When you’re open to work, your profile is more visible to hiring teams and headhunters. You probably still need to actively look for work on your end, but this is a good way for recruiters to come to you as well.

It’s the two-prong approach that’s going to be most effective.

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6. Leverage Those Connections

Once you’ve made your new connections, ask them for advice. Maybe like a few of their posts first so that you’re on their radar, and then see if they know of any sites, avenues, or businesses that are hiring overseas.

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Some flat out won’t reply, some won’t be able to help, but some might have some nuggets of wisdom. 

You can also always post on your profile that you’re looking for work in a certain location and ask if your connections can share the post. This is super common on LinkedIn and this way a friend of a friend of a friend might see it as well, not just your connections. 

7. Use the Search Function

Of course, you should use the search function on LinkedIn jobs. Tens of thousands of jobs are posted every day in hundreds of industries and locations.

There are plenty of filters that you can use to narrow down your choices and there is even an Easy Apply function where LinkedIn saves your key details so you can apply for certain jobs in under a minute. 

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8. Set Up Job Alerts

Who wants to spend all day scrolling through job boards and actively checking new vacancies? Set up a job alert to your exact specifications and get relevant jobs emailed to you as they’re posted. It takes the headache out of searching which is always good. 

You can also follow businesses that you’re interested in working for so you can see on your feed if they’re hiring straightaway.

Automating the job hunting process is the way forward and it’s going to free up your time to practice your interview skills, build those connections, and go to networking events.

You CAN Find a Job Abroad Using Linkedin!

Looking for a job abroad can be daunting and tricky to manage, but LinkedIn and other online international professional platforms take a lot of the stress out of finding a new role. Putting yourself out there is scary, but if you follow these steps and polish up your interview skills, you’ll find yourself a new job abroad in no time!

Once that’s sorted you can start planning your move and get excited about setting up your new life in another country. I’m so excited for you – it might just be the best decision you’ve ever made!

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