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4 Jobs Abroad with Accommodation & No Experience Required {2024}

When we’re trying to move abroad to start a new life, there can be a few big-ticket items that you need to think about. Primarily, accommodation and jobs. Here are 4 jobs abroad with accommodation included and no experience required.

Accommodation is one of the biggest expenses when moving and in order to stay there, you’re going to need a solid income. 

Especially if we’re moving abroad without any specific job experience, it can be a concern. Luckily, there are a few jobs abroad that don’t require experience and come with accommodation as standard. Sounds perfect, right?

So, let’s find out more!

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1. Au Pair

One of the original work abroad jobs that come with accommodation is Au Pairing. As you’re essentially a nanny for a family, you live in their house with them.

Although the wage isn’t the highest with an average of $800 a month, because your expenses are mostly taken care of, you can save pretty much all of it.

You can get Au Pair gigs without any work experience, although it does help, especially for the more highly-paid positions.

However, if you’re just starting out and can demonstrate an interest in childcare or teaching, there are plenty of opportunities all around the world.

Maybe you’ve helped out at a local little league team, have babysat for your neighbors, or have a younger sibling that you’ve looked after a lot.

Any of these things can help you secure a sweet Au Pair gig that not only pays a wage, but provides accommodation, food, and sometimes even access to the family car.

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2. Workaway

Next up we have a classic job abroad site, Workaway.

It’s a huge job board where people or businesses with odd jobs, seasonal gigs, or part-time work, offer out their positions in return for free accommodation and sometimes meals.

Some of the gigs also pay a small amount, so keep an eye out for those ones as well!

There are tons of different jobs on this site from language practice, to building assistance, to social media, to pet sitting, and beyond.

Most of these jobs don’t require experience as long as you’re enthusiastic and prepared to get stuck in. 

3. Hostel Jobs

Love staying in hostels but want to keep costs down? Then why not work in one?

Most of the staff who work in hostels are travelers themselves who get their accommodation as payment and sometimes get paid on top of that too.

You might also get discounts in the hostel bar or cafe, and some preferable rates on excursions and tours that are booked through the hostel tour desk.

If you do get paid to work in the hostel in addition to your accommodation, it’ll most likely be the national minimum wage for the country that you’re in.

The average per-hour rate for non-managerial roles is around $10. Roles include housekeeping, reception work, bartending, customer service, and maintenance work.

Most of these don’t require experience, but if you have some, particularly for customer-facing positions, it’ll definitely help.

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4. Fruit Picking

Finally, we have a super popular, seasonal traveler job that’s especially relevant if you’re moving to or traveling around Australia without a job lined up.

Agriculture jobs or fruit picking are common because most of the time the locals don’t want the seasonal roles, or they’re too rural for people to get to them.

It’s because of this that fruit-picking jobs tend to come with accommodation and don’t need any experience to get started. 

If you’re in Australia and want to extend your visa into a second year, you have to work in a rural part of the country, on a farm, or in a vineyard, for a minimum of 88 days to get your extension approved.

In addition to your accommodation, fruit pickers can get around $15 an hour, so it’s pretty decent money if you don’t mind early mornings and a more physical job. 

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The rate can be higher in countries where the demand is higher.

So in the UK right now, due to Brexit and a lot of the European-based fruit pickers leaving the country, the farmers are desperate for pickers before the crop spoils, so there are hourly rates of up to $25 on offer at the moment. 

So if you’re looking for a job abroad that comes with accommodation but doesn’t require experience, there are plenty of options to help you get on your feet with minimal hassle.

Finding accommodation and work in a new place can be tricky, so if you can get it all rolled into one, it’s a huge bonus.

What are your favorite jobs abroad that come with accommodation? Let me know in the comments below.

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Josephine Goboza

Monday 14th of November 2022

This was an eye opener, thank you