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The 11 Best Expat Jobs to Get You Abroad Fast

The 11 Best Expat Jobs to Get You Abroad Fast

So, you’re taking the leap and moving to a whole new country. Good for you, that’s a massive step to take! Now, you’re thinking, what can I even do in my new country to make money? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with my list of the best expat jobs. 

Want to find out what you can do for work in your new home country? Let’s dive in.

1. Software Developer

First up we have one of the most traditional remote working jobs. Software developers tend to work alone so that lends itself nicely to working remotely or from another country.

a man coding in a cafe

If you have a remote software role already, you might be able to carry on that job when you move to another country.

The only contingency might be that you have to be online during a particular time zone to match up with the wider team.

Alternatively, you can work on a freelance or contractor basis, allowing you to work from anywhere, and giving you the flexibility to enjoy your new home country.

If you have the skills and a decent level of experience, this is a great expat option that could be seriously lucrative.

Software development is one of the best-paid expat jobs and when you add freelancing rates on top of that, you could be coming into some big money. 

2. Consultant

Next up is working as a consultant. Now, this could mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people but at its core, it’s pretty simple.

If you have a skill or set of experiences that you think other people could learn from and would pay actual money for advice, assistance, or resources, then you could be a consultant.

There are a few ways that this can work. You can either offer in-person services, audit businesses, or give one-to-one specialist advice and guidance.

You could be entirely online and do Zoom consultations or sell resources, guides, and webinars.

It’s really up to you, but it’s this level of choice and flexibility that makes it the ideal expat job.

You’re your own boss and you have all the necessary skills and life experience to make it work, wherever you are!

3. English Teacher

Okay, it’s an expat classic, so it has to make this list. Being an English Language Teacher (ELT) abroad is one of those jobs that people can start straight out of high school and college and continue doing all around the world throughout their entire life.

a woman teaching English in a classroom

It doesn’t get boring or stale, because once you’re qualified and have some experience, you can go pretty much anywhere, and become an expat, pretty much anywhere.

Depending on where you go, there might be loads of ELT jobs or they might be thin on the ground.

For example, if you’re becoming an expat in a country that has English as a first language, there are going to be fewer positions than if you’re living in a country where it’s a second or third language. 

Also if you’re going to a region that puts a big emphasis on education like the Middle East or Asia, you’re likely to find better ELT wages as well as complete remuneration packages including moving expenses, accommodation, help with your visas, and more.

There’s a reason it’s one of the most common expat jobs, and one of the best.

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4. Resort Manager/Guest Services

If you’ve got a good background in customer services and like giving out all the best holiday tips, then a career in guest services might be for you.

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Especially if you’re moving to a place with a lot of tourist resorts like Italy, Greece, Thailand, Mexico, etc. there’s always a need for native English-speaking customer care representatives. 

It’s not necessarily even a language thing, but if you’ve got a US guest who’s having issues, it’s sometimes reassuring to have a US customer care rep that understands where they’re coming from.

Most large hotels and resorts have a team of guest service reps from all around the world, with a bank of languages at their disposal, so if you have customer service experience it’s a great way to live in paradise as an expat.

If you’ve got management experience, there’s also the option to rise pretty quickly through the ranks and become a resort manager, which is where you can earn some big money, without the risk or hassle of running your own place.

Also, if you work for a chain of resorts or hotels, there might be the opportunity to move between sites, so you can travel and live as an expat in different countries all around the world, with that added job security.

5. Photographer

Are you handy with a camera? Think that you can frame the perfect shot? Know how to use editing software to get the best out of every situation?

a male photographer taking a photo

Then being an expat and a photographer is for you. Being a photographer is a job that often goes hand-in-hand with traveling.

Whether you work on a contractor or in-house basis and are sent on assignments and locations around the world, or work for yourself and travel to get shots to pitch afterward, it’s a perfect job for an adventure. 

If you’re wanting a photography gig with a little bit more stability but still want to be an expat in a beautiful location, consider becoming the on-site photographer for a resort or some kind of surf, ski or yoga camp.

This way you get to stick around in one place for at least a season, get the opportunity for some steady income by getting photos of the guests and doing marketing shots for the company, as well as doing any freelance work on the side.

All that and you might even be able to get your accommodation for free with the site! 

6. Marketing

Speaking of creative expat roles, marketing is an industry that’s quickly becoming perfect for expats.

Separate from being a pretty remote-friendly job, it’s also a globally-friendly role.

Marketing departments are often filled with people hailing from all over the place to create a snapshot of the people that they’re planning on selling to.

By making teams International, you get specialists in multiple different markets.

For instance, if you’re an American expat living in France, you might be able to give the business a unique insight into the messaging and channels that would work best for expanding into the US market. 

Roles within a marketing department can include client managers, graphic designers, content writers, social media managers, videographers, admins, and more, so there’s a lot of opportunity to try something new and be creative.

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Whether you work for a remote-first marketing company and can continue your same job in your new expat home, or you want to work in a local marketing department or creative agency, it’s one of the best expat jobs – and one of the best-paying jobs!

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7. Sports Instructor

Are you super sporty? Maybe you’re a specialist in one particular activity? Are you a patient teacher who is either already qualified or willing to get your certification?

a woman practicing yoga

If so, a career as a sports instructor might be for you.

This is already quite a common expat job, especially when it comes to outdoor sports that are seasonal like skiing, snowboarding, or watersports such as surfing, sailing, and more.

Even if you’re more chilled out as a yoga or pilates instructor, there are plenty of resorts, camps, and hotels around the world that are crying out for qualified instructors for their residents.

As a sports instructor, you can spend an entire season living in one country before moving on to somewhere else.

For example, if you’re a ski instructor, due to the two hemisphere’s opposite winters, you could work in the European Alps and then switch to the Southern Alps in New Zealand and have a full year’s worth of work rather than just half a year. 

Alternatively, many resorts are multisport depending on the time of the year. So, when the snow has melted away, you could train as a local hiking guide or climbing instructor.

This means that you can fully live that expat life, get settled, and enjoy that seasonal resort vibe for your work. 

8. Writer

Fancy yourself as a bit of a wordsmith? If you know how to structure a sentence and how to hook a reader, then you can actually make quite a bit of money as a writer.

a woman writing on her laptop

Naturally, this tends to be a remote-friendly role, meaning that you can pick up work from all around the world while you’re writing in your new chosen expat country.

Working as either a freelance or contract writer, you can be given assignments on all kinds of niche subjects for different publications and websites, so no two days are the same.

It does help if you have a decent portfolio and some experience before committing to freelancing or contract work.

Other options include ghostwriting, business writing, or editing. These are slightly more specialist and long-form but often offer a little more security than just picking up blogs or articles on varying subjects.

As with any freelance or contract work, make sure that you’re earning more than enough to hit that minimum earning number in your visa conditions, but writing and editing are genuine skills that can earn you top dollar. 

You’ll definitely want to sign up to Fiverr and Upwork (that’s where I hire my contractors from!) so you can get started right away building your portfolio and finding clients.

9. Graphic Designer

Similar to writing, photography, or software development, graphic designing is one of those jobs where the bulk of your job is done solo, with you occasionally linking in with a wider team or client to collaborate and feedback.

a woman holding an iPad doing graphic design

It’s this freedom and independence that helps to make it one of the best jobs for expats. 

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Whether you’re working as part of a marketing department, for a creative agency, on a freelance or self-employed basis, or a combination of them, there is always massive demand for a high-quality graphic designer.

From websites to logos to artwork and adverts to more creative projects, there are a lot of options for an expat graphic designer.

Since it’s a visual medium, it’s pretty easy to slot into a multi-lingual team as a graphic designer.

That makes it a great option if you’re planning on moving to a country where you’re not quite fluent yet but still want to work with other people, rather than for yourself.

With such a creative and remote-friendly, skilled role, it’s no wonder that graphic design is one of the best expat jobs. 

10. Chef

Love cooking up mouthwatering dishes for adoring and hungry customers? Well, pretty much everywhere is in need of qualified or experienced chefs.

It’s one of those professions where there is always a new restaurant, cafe, or hotel opening up in need of a motley crew of chefs to keep everyone fed and happy. 

If you have a specialist cuisine that you want to share with people but don’t want to open up your own place, it might be tricky in more remote or rural areas.

For example, if you make the best sushi and have done it for years, but want to move to rural Tuscany, there might be fewer job opportunities than if you wanted to move to a city or cook without a set specialist cuisine.

That being said, the expansion of global cuisines means that there’s never been a better time to be both an expat and a chef.

11. Hospitality

Speaking of providing a great service for hungry patrons, one of the more common expat industries is the hospitality industry.

Whether you’re working as a bartender, cleaner, handyman, manager, or own your own boutique B&B, there are jobs for all experience levels.

a waitress setting tables at a hotel

This makes it an ideal industry to find an expat job if you’re moving to a new country and don’t have a ton of work experience. 

On the other end of the spectrum, many people who have worked in hospitality all their life and are planning to move abroad, do so to start up a hospitality business.

From B&Bs to restaurants to beachside bars, it’s the retirement dream of many wannabe expats.

So, if you have the experience, business savvy, and capital, you could be running your own paradise in the sun in no time.

There are plenty of jobs that align themselves nicely with being an expat, and there’s a lot of crossover with remote or self-employed roles, which allow you to move around freely.

Whether you’re looking to live in a new country for a few months, a few years, or permanently, there are so many expat jobs that you can train up and choose from.

These are just a couple of the best ones that have been tried, tested, and loved by expats all around the world – and you could be just like them, paradise awaits!

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