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Northern Ireland: Weekend Guide with FREE Game of Thrones Tour Inside!

Going on a Game of Thrones tour through Northern Ireland has been my DREAM for the last few years. After watching all the episodes and sobbing hysterically through The Red Wedding, I was finally living my nerdy dream in Northern Ireland with my tailor-made Game of Thrones tour.

I think I’m particularly drawn to the show because the characters are so dynamic and the female roles are so strong! Each character has so many layers that I can relate to each of their struggles, hopes, and dreams to some degree… except Little Finger. I’d give the middle finger to Little Finger!

I’ve put together a three-day driving tour through Northern Ireland so you can enjoy yourself – on whatever budget you’re on. Surprisingly, Northern Ireland is quite small and we legitimately drove around it completely in only a few days.

Game of Thrones Tour (Google Maps)


For this trip, I was using The Tailor’s House as a base for my day trips across Northern Ireland because I wanted an opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The Tailor’s House has an incredible reputation on social media for good reason.

They were friendly, and hospitable and were always willing to help us with directions and recommendations during our stay. The rooms were just refurnished with classic, simple trimmings and the beds couldn’t be softer with plenty of space for me and my partner.

Unlike most B&Bs, all the locks were fully automated and the amenities were modern and easy to use. The sunset view from our room was spectacular and the backdrop of lush green landscape made it a perfect perch for us to reflect on the day.

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The Tailor's House in Ireland hotel

Every morning, Marcus and I were up at the crack of dawn to take full advantage of the long summer sunlight for the best photo opportunities possible. In the evenings, we would enjoy a nice dinner at the hotel restaurant whilst we planned our next day in detail over incredible dishes that were made with ingredients that were sourced locally from the area.

With unique twists to classic combinations, the food at The Tailor’s House Restaurant blew us away. Plated to perfection, we enjoyed delicious and creative creations that were served by young and cheery staff.

The bar and restaurant were clearly a city hotspot where young and mature people alike gathered to enjoy an evening surrounded by family and friends. With breakfast included, you’re sure to enjoy the quaint village of Ballygawley.

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See these AMAZING photos that I was able to capture whilst driving around Northern Ireland. Each place can be found in the Google Maps layer that I’ve created above! Feel free to mix and edit the destinations to fit your schedule and preferences.

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