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How to Plan a Trip to England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales

Times are tough. Money is scarce. We have a demonic cheeto for a president and one day, we will tell our offspring of these trying times… our ‘off-spring’ being our fur babies of course – since we can’t afford actual children until our $100K loan is paid off. So why not run away from your problems (like me!) overseas with my ultimate United Kingdom guide?

For your enjoyment (with minimal effort from you necessary), I’ve put together an ultimate United Kingdom guide so you can use your 10 – 14 days of holiday properly. Because you deserve ME TIME in a new place, with new adventures to remember for the rest of your life. Here’s how it works:

In the United Kingdom, there are 4 countries:

  1. England
  2. Northern Ireland
  3. Scotland
  4. Wales

Ireland should not be confused with Northern Ireland as it is a free nation and actually part of the European Union. My United Kingdom guide will give you the best route to see all four countries (+ Ireland!), which will check off 5 countries in 12 days. If that’s not service – I don’t know what is!

The Golden Route:

** NOTE: This route can be done entirely with a car! Rent one easily (and affordably) with Expedia **

For my ‘Golden Route,’ you’ll approximately need – 12 days.

3 Days in London

1 Day in Oxford

1 Day in Snowdonia

2 Days in Dublin

2 Days in Belfast

1 Day in Glasgow

2 Days in the Isle of Skye

The reason I put together this adventure is because I really want everyone to get the most out of their experience abroad. Learning about other cultures, languages, and values only makes us more empathetic and understanding,

Plus, the United Kingdom is a great, safe first destination for those who are just starting out their traveling career! Come hungry, come happy, and come with an open mind!… and don’t forget to bring your party pants (which means underwear in British English FYI) because you’re destined to have a great time!

a woman standing in front of the Parliament building in London

London, England

For the last 4 years, I’ve called London my home. As the epicenter of the world – yeah I said it – London is filled with culture, history, and dreadful weather. Here are my top tips + my 24 Hours in London Walking Tour!

WeatherJuly is the hottest month in London with an average temperature of 19°C (66°F) and the coldest is January at 5°C (41°F). The wettest month is October so steer clear! (More here)

Accommodation: The best neighborhoods to stay in are in Zone 1 & 2. If you stay outside of Zone 1 & 2, you’re likely to make up whatever you would have saved in transportation costs.

Ideal Neighborhoods for Tourism are (click for hotels):

Mayfair (££££)

Chelsea (£££)

Victoria (££)

Shoreditch (££)

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** All the sights in 2 Hours & 10 km! **

Currency: We use the Great British Pound, which is about USD = 0.75 GBP (Jul 2018)

Safety: London is completely safe for young families, solo female travelers, etc. Like every major city, we do have our issues but I would NEVER say that London is any more dangerous than major cities in the United States.

Food: A few classics that you should give a shot include –

Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding (bread pudding and meat)

Yorkshire Pudding (baked bread pudding)

Fish and chips (battered fish and french fries)

Lancashire Hotpot (lamb stew)

Pie and Mash (pastry pie with meat + mashed potatoes)

Bubble & Squeak (boiled potatoes and cabbage)

a woman standing in front of the London Eye

Oxford, England

Oxford is always a tourist favorite because it reminds them of Harry Potter and is a perfect example of the quaint British Countryside.

Weather: Like London, July is the hottest month in Oxford with an average temperature of 16°C (61°F) and the coldest is January at4°C (39°F). The wettest month is December. (More here)

Accommodation: As public transportation is scarce, it’s best to stay near the city center of Oxford.

Oxford City Center (££)

Airbnb (£-££)

Currency: This is still in England so you’ll be using the Great British Pound

Food: Similar to the food you should try in London, I would also recommend having High Tea whilst you’re in the neighborhood. Have a castle experience along with your traditional high tea at Malmaison Oxford.

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Snowdonia, Wales

With mountains as far as the eye can see, Wales is a lesser-known jewel of the Queen’s crown. Predominantly populated by farmers, civil servants, and everything in between, it’s a welcomed city break from hectic London.

Weather: The average temperature at low altitudes varies from about 9.5 °C (41 F) to 10.5 °C (50 f), with the higher values occurring around or near the coasts. The summer months (June, July, and August) are generally the sunniest and driest months. During the winter (December, January, and February) temperatures rarely drop below zero. They’re normally between 5 C and 7 C degrees.

Accommodation: There are plenty of hotels, B&Bs, and youth hostels scattered around the area. Check them out here.

Currency: Great British Pound


Cawl (stew)

Welsh Rarebit (rabbit with cheese)

Laverbread (seaweed dish)

Glamorgan Sausage (vegetarian sausage with cheese, leeks, and breadcrumbs)

a woman in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

Even though Ireland is its own entity and part of the European Union, I thought I would include it in my United Kingdom Guide since it’s so easy to get to and WELL worth the pit stop.

Before heading north, brush up on your history regarding why Ireland is NOT part of the United Kingdom. Prepare to have your passport ready as you cross from Holyhead, Wales into the Dublin seaport via one of the many ferries that runs daily.

Just a 2-hour ferry ride connects you to the world!… and you can officially say you’ve been to Europe 😉

Weather: July is the hottest month in Dublin with an average temperature of 16°C (60°F) and the coldest is January at 5°C(41°F). The wettest month is August, but this extends all year… bring an umbrella.

Accommodation: I can only recommend The Castle Hotel for those visiting Dublin. It’s close enough to the action (a 5-minute walk to Temple Bar Street), but far enough not to get caught up in the bar brawls. I also know the hotel manager personally and he got us a last-minute reservation to the Michelin Star restaurant – Chapter One – for my birthday! With antiques older than my country (America), it was an ideal location to experience the best that Dublin had to offer.

See more Dublin (££) hotels.

Airbnb (£-££)

Download My Dublin Walking Tour

Currency: As part of the European Union, Ireland uses the EURO. The exchange rate to the dollar is about 1 USD =0.85 EUR (July 2018).


Boxty (potato pancake)

Champ (mashed potato, scallions, and milk)

Colcannon (mashed potato, kale or cabbage)

Shepherd’s Pie/Cottage Pie (mashed potato, minced lamb/beef, and vegetables)

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Home to many of the Game of Thrones filming locations, Northern Ireland (part of the United Kingdom) definitely delivered. In just a few days, I managed to drive clean around the sea and land border of Northern Ireland since it’s only 14,130 km². 

Unfortunately, I didn’t spend any time in Belfast, but I have included my Game of Thrones Driving Tour below so you can map out your own expedition from Belfast if you’re keen.

Don’t forget to read up on the history between Northern Ireland and Ireland to really understand the significance of Belfast’s Peace Wall and The Troubles between the Royalists and the Unionists.

WeatherJuly is the hottest month in Belfast with an average temperature of 15°C (59°F) and the coldest is January at4°C (39°F). The wettest month is October, but it’s best to bring an umbrella all year round.

Accommodation: Whilst I never stayed in Belfast, I did stay in the countryside with The Tailor’s House. Because I was planning on taking a full tour around Northern Ireland (below) I wanted an easy launching point to reach all of my intended destinations. More on my trip through Northern Ireland here.

More hotels in Belfast

Airbnb (£-££)

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** See all the GOT filming locations in just a few days! **

Currency: GBP

Food: Traditional Northern Irish food includes:

Ulster Irish Stew (mutton, onions, and potato stew)

Steak and Guinness Pie (meat pie + Guinness!)

Bacon Butties (bacon sandwich)

Pastie Supper (minced pork, with potato, onion – fried)

a woman walking through trees in Dublin

Glasgow, Scotland

I’ve only stopped in Glasgow on my way north to the Scottish Highlands, but the city was full of life, and even at 10 C (50 F)… locals were in shorts.

Glasgow is known as a major student city so there are plenty of affordable things to do for young people in the area. Everyone in Glasgow is incredibly friendly – and slightly difficult to understand – so you’ll be meeting loads of people and have the time of your life!… just, bring a raincoat.

WeatherJuly is the hottest month in Glasgow with an average temperature of 15°C (59°F) and the coldest is January at3°C (37°F). The wettest month is January, but typically it rains all year round so bring a coat!

Accommodation: Because there’s not a lot of public transportation, I would recommend staying in the city center.

Find hotels in the city center of Glasgow here.

Airbnb (£-££)

Currency: GBP


Oatcakes (biscuit)

Scotch Broth (lamb stew)

Colcannon (mashed potatoes with celery)

Haggis (bread pudding with sheep’s stomach)

a woman standing in Glasgow, Scotland

Isle of Skye, Scotland

WeatherJuly is the hottest month in Isle of Skye with an average temperature of 13°C (55°F) and the coldest is January at 4°C (39°F). The wettest month is October, but be prepared for rain all year round.

Accommodation: We’ve gone several times to the Isle of Skye and we typically use one location to launch our short day trips to alternate islands and locations. Try using Fort William or Broadford as a launching point for your day trips around the various lochs. Read more about my Isle of Skye Guide here.

Airbnb (££) is your best bet for value and location

Hotels in Fort William

Hotels in Broadford 

Download My Isle of Skye Driving Tour


Currency: GBP

Food: traditional Scottish foods include (same as Glasgow!)

Oatcakes (biscuit)

Scotch Broth (lamb stew)

Colcannon (mashed potatoes with celery)

Haggis (bread pudding with sheep’s stomach)

And that’s it!

Congrats! You’ve just made it through 5 countries, in 12 days, without going absolutely mental! I hope all my guides have helped and if you’re looking for more information, I always recommend using Trip Advisor.

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