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3 Quaint Cities in Northern Germany To Escape To

3 Quaint Cities in Northern Germany To Escape To

I frequently make pillages to quaint cities in Northern Germany for two reasons: 1) Because Europe & 2) To visit my partner’s family/Autobahn.  

The quality of life, products, and food are just overall better in every way in Germany as well so you won’t ever hear me kicking and screaming not to tag along.

Fun fact: I’ve eaten the best pizza in the world in Bottrop and I have already been to three different cities in Italy soooo I dunno what that’s about.  

Point is, the north of Germany is highly underrated as a vacation from typical vacations because it’s rich with nature, culture, and silence.  And who would mind that?

The Best Quaint Cities in Northern Germany


Playing a crucial part in Germany’s trade as a major seaport, Bremerhaven is a great place to recover from a demanding professional lifestyle and a welcoming escape from some of Europe’s bigger cities.  

Every 5 years, Sail Bremerhaven is held, and upwards of 300 vessels sail into the port to join the fun and 2015 stands to be the biggest event yet!

Recognized for its fantastic fishing history and smokehouses, the seafood in Bremerhaven is unparalleled and you should absolutely buy a “fish box” to enjoy when you retired back to your hotel or Airbnb.

girl walking through Bremerhaven, Germany


As one of the biggest cities in Germany, Bottrop is a fantastic city to experience real German culture without the hassle of large crowds or loud environments.  

Take a hike to the Tetraeder Bottrop for an afternoon walk or experience Indoor Skydiving for the first time.  

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You can also bring the family to Movie Park Germany (which mimics “Universal Studios” in California) has over 40 rides, attractions, and shows to choose from and it’s a great way to spend time with small children and it’s open from late March to early November.

A few classic German dishes that you HAVE to try would also include Kale Stew, Appletiser, and curry sausages.


If you’re looking for an authentic German experience, retreat to Nordenham in the far north and rent out a home on Airbnb.

Be sure to bring a German/English translator of some sort because your language skills will be put to the test in this quaint German city.

Looking for a wild night out? Head over to “El Dorado” bar where you’re sure to witness the next town scandal.

Ideal for affordable shopping as well, don’t forget to stock up on cheap, high-quality goods and clothing from local stores or even your favorite brands in the town’s city center.  

Nordenham is a naturally woody area with few big-city distractions and it’s the perfect place to write a book or to recover from the everyday urban issues that come with big-city dwelling.

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