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Is There a Coastline or Beach in Germany?

Germany is known for its beautiful small towns, castles, and mountains but does Germany have a coastline or a beach?

The answer is yes, Germany does have a coastline, beaches, and even some islands!

Now you are probably wondering what the best beaches in Germany are or how long is the coastline of Germany? So let’s get into it!

How Long Is Germany’s Coastline?

Germany’s coastline is over 3,700 km long or 2,300 miles. That means that there are hundreds of beaches to choose from when you are on your beach-hopping adventure in Germany!

sheep on a beach in Sylt, Germany
Photo from Unsplash of Sylt Beach, Germany

What are the Best Beaches in Germany?

There are actually a lot of beaches in Germany. The best ones are all going to be located on Rügen Island but there are some other ones worth visiting!

Rügen Island Beaches

If you are looking for a great beach vacation in Germany then head over to Rügen Island. This has all of Germany’s best beaches on one island. The best beach being Binzer Strand.

Binzer Strand is a 5 km (3 miles) long white sand beach. It is great for families and couples alike.

Another great beach on Rügen Island is Hundestrand Sellin. This beach has a beautiful pier with a restaurant for the 1920s on it! This is a must-see if you are on the island.

If you are looking for a nice beach holiday in Germany Rügen Island is the place for you!

Putgarten beach, Germany
Photo from Unsplash of Putgarten, Germany

Travemünde Strand

This is another great beach in Germany and has been a resort town since 1802! If you are looking for some history to go with your beach holiday, this is the beach!

Zinnowitzer Strand

This is the best beach if you are coming from Poland to Germany. It is only a few kilometers from the border of Poland and is the perfect place to stop by on your beach hopping vacation in Germany.

There is also a pier on the beach to add to its beauty and the town of Zinnowitz is a gorgeous little town as well.

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Best Islands to Visit in Germany

There are over 50 islands in Germany that you can visit. A lot of them are nature preserves so there is a lot of beauty and wildlife to see!


Like I said earlier, this island is the perfect beach getaway. You are surrounded by white sand beaches and small little beach towns that have been there for hundreds of years.

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This is Germany’s second most famous island and has some great beaches as well. There is also a lot of great places to shop if sunbathing on the beach is getting too boring for you.


This is the perfect place if you want a quiet getaway is a cute little German island on the beach. There are places here to camp as well if you you want to try beach camping (which you should!).


This is a great island to learn a new watersport like windsurfing. Also, if you are into bird watching this is a great place to do it.

When to Go to the Beach in Germany

The ocean water in Germany gets down to freezing during the winter months so it is important that you know the best times to go.

The beaches in Germany are in the north which means that they are pretty cold year-round.

If you are going to the beach in Germany the best time to do it is from late June until the end of September. This is when the water temperature is the warmest at an average of 63 degrees Fahrenheit (or 17 degrees celsius).

The outside temperature is still pretty cold as well. The high during the summer months is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit (or 21 degrees celsius).

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