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How To Take Beautiful Self-Portraits While Traveling Alone

Facebook is cool and all, but Instagram IS BAE. While my degree is in English/Writing, I most enjoy taking photos and modeling in my Wander Onwards photos because I was a classic ugly duckling, and the internet rewards vanity (haha sucks right?).

If you’re looking to shoot a few new envy-worthy photos for your blog or Facebook, here are a few classic moves and tips for creating beautiful blog photos at any experience level.

1. Learn How to Move Your Body & Face

WAY back in the day, I did some low-end modeling and I learned how to move my body and face to focus on my best features and hide (what I consider to be) my flaws. I’m most self-conscious about my abs because I’m an average red-blooded female and I will always pop my hip out subconsciously to look learner.  

My face shape is also super round so I tend to keep my mouth open to add length and tilt my head down or up (but never straight) to work my big brown eyes.  

I truly and honestly believe everyone is beautiful in their own special way, but when companies are considering you for sponsorship, they want to see something eye-catching, and “average” doesn’t sell.

Tall, small, curvy, skinny, white, or black-everyone has something for the camera to capture; you just need to find what that something is. Try setting a self-timer on your camera to see how your body translates for beautiful blog photos.

a woman standing in San Francisco

2. Move Naturally, Don’t Pose

Super structured poses tend to look like pre-prom poses so try walking and moving around during your mini-photo shoot.  Put your hands in the air like you just don’t care.  Spin, twirl, and dance like no one is watching.  

Variety is the key to a successful photoshoot and you want to have as many options as possible for when you choose the final beautiful blog photo to publish.

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3. For Every 50 Photos, You’ll Have 1 Usable Photo

Here’s the dirty truth, bloggers will take upwards of 30 to 200 photos of ONE outfit, and end up using only one or two of them.  Consumers get bored quickly and want to see range in your visual portfolio.  

There’s simply no reason to include 40 mediocre photos in one blog post about a single outfit.  Be selective and remember that this is your professional portfolio.  Don’t include anything you wouldn’t want a potential sponsor to focus on.

4. When You’re Traveling Alone, Ask a Stranger to Take 3-5 Rapid Photos of You Walking Around

Most random people aren’t fantastic photographers, so you have to step up your modeling game that much more. Once you’ve positioned the camera the way you want, tell your new friend to take 3-5 rapid photos of you just moving around.  

It’ll sound awkward to say out loud the first time, but the pictures will be soooo worth it. Literally, all this person has to do is take a few photos while you do all the hard work.

a girl in San Francisco holding a bouquet of flowers

5. Tilt Your Camera Upwards

If you’re shooting scenery, shooting from a low vantage point will always create better depth for fashion and scenery photography. Taking photos from a lower angle with make you look taller and hit your contouring flawlessly.

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6. Laugh in Your Photos

Laughing always portrays super honest and authentic emotions… so fake it till you make it.  A casual well-placed giggle can make all the difference if your photographer is able to capture it in time.  

An authentic (looking) smile makes people want to know more about what you’re doing to have such a great time! Don’t be afraid to let them into the secret ;]

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