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Relax with Dar 7 Louyat Riad in Fes, Morocco

London can be exhausting. Long winters, cold rain, never-ending tube delays. I specifically chose to visit Fes, Morocco in February because I knew that would be at my wit’s end come March and I would desperately need a break from the rain, cold, and extortionate cost of living.

My last trip to Morocco took me to Marrakesh nearly a decade ago and this time, I wanted something more relaxed and soft to balance out my hectic London life.

The reason I’m able to work full-time, blog part-time, and hit the gym every morning at 6 am is that I make space for these tranquil moments every 4 – 5 weeks with a city break. Even Wonder Woman needs a break. I chose to spend this time with the impeccable riad, Dar 7 Louyat.

What is a Riad?

In Morocco, a ‘riad’ is a large traditional family house that is founded in Islamic architecture and typically built around a central courtyard.

Usually, there are 4 or 5 generations of brothers, sisters, their children, and their children’s children occupy the various suites and rooms to bring together one large family unit.  As tourism continues to boom, many families have converted their riads into B&Bs or intimate hotels to accommodate tourists in the ancient parts of cities.

Why Dar 7 Louyat?

I chose to stay with Dar 7 Louyat because I wanted a charming, riad experience in the middle of the old city where I could easily access the Medina every morning. Built in the fifteenth century, Dar 7 Louyat was my escape from the hectic streets of the Fes, where I could recharge and relax in the courtyard or on the rooftop with a good book after some serious haggling and food excursions.

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We stayed in the Hachmia Room during our time in the riad. It had a stunning traditional chandelier in the center of the room and portraits of heroins along the wall that lit up to keep us company at night.

Every morning, we were softly woken up by birds singing in the courtyard, and the smell of fresh bread carried through the rooms like a winding serpent. The staff spoke 4 languages – French, Arabic, English, and Spanish – which was a daily reminder of Morocco’s rich tradition of diversity and acceptance.

The staff was incredibly generous, responsible, and always willing to help (and hug!) I cannot stress enough what a privilege it was to learn, listen, and be inspired by Dar 7 Louyat.

Food & Drink

Every morning, we would wake up to the most delicious traditional Moroccan breakfast at Dar 7 Louyat. The delectable spread of tasty treats contained something for everyone.  Breakfast – included in your booking – is absolutely AMAZING and was the perfect start to our busy days.

There was:

  • Freshly squeezed orange juice
  • Coffee
  • Goat cheese
  • Olives
  • Amlou
  • Fried eggs seasoned with cumin
  • Semolina pancakes with butter honey syrup (Baghrir)
  • Msemen  or round Moroccan pancakes
  • Bread Khobz
  • Strawberry or apricot jam

Dinner was about 150 MAD per person and it came with a seasonal veggie course, various Moroccan tasters and sides, the main course, and then a fruit salad dessert.

Because this was the low season, we were privileged to have the entire courtyard to ourselves one night and it was so romantic that I almost wished my husband was here instead of one of my best friends… almost.

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Perfect for a girls’ weekend or a romantic trip abroad, Dar 7 Louyat is truly a place to recharge, relax and explore.

Moroccan hospitality is like nothing else. Every morning, two friendly faces greeted us with coffee and a genuine interest in what our plans were for the day. When we needed cabs or transfers, the staff would always make sure we rode with someone trusted and verified to ensure our safety and comfort.

They would help us with printing tickets, directions to different stalls, and even tea at 10 pm when I was feeling poorly. Whatever you might need – at whatever time of day – they’ll be able to help in some way.


You can book online on Trip Adviser to stay with Dar 7 Louya or you can click on the photo below. Dar 7 Louyat’s exceptional commitment to service and experience has given them a 5-star rating, which is testament to all of their hard work and beautiful riad.

Prices will range between £60 and £160 GBP per night depending on the season, but this also includes breakfast – which is an incredible offer for a riad in the heart of the Medina.

Overall, Dar 7 Louyat defined my experience in Fes and was the catalyst for my amazing experience in Fes. Every night, I was able to come home to a peaceful environment and enjoy my book, my best friend, and this wonderful cultural experience.

The food was amazing, the staff was so kind, and I felt rejuvenated from the experience and ready to take on the world again! I can only recommend Dar 7 Louyat to anyone looking to have an authentic, Moroccan experience.

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