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Portugal, Lisbon: Living Like a Local with Hotel White Lisbon

Whenever I travel, I always try to scout out the best boutique hotels or apartments in town to get an authentic experience of what life would be like in this new incredible city.  Sure you could stay at the Hard Rock Cafe… OR you could see the city for what it really is – beyond of the Americanized vision of any typical chain.

The point of traveling is to experience new and different things outside of your comfort zone so take the leap and explore a new city today.

Hotel White Lisbon

I wanted a different vantage point in Lisbon rather than the traditional hotels along the main high street near the ocean. It was far quieter, we were surrounded by cute local shops and cafes, and this was a welcomed break from the chaos of the tourist traps that were scattered across the city.

We arrived at 9:00 pm cold, wet, and thankful that we had nowhere else to be but at Hotel White Lisbon.

Right when we arrived, check-in was absolutely seamless. The employees spoke multiple languages, they were immediately helpful with recommendations, and the whole process took less than 3 minutes.

We were in our PJs 10 minutes later and settled for the night after a long, cramped flight on Ryanair.

We had a single room with a queen bed and a spectacular view of the city. It was spacious, modern, and everything that we could have dreamed of.

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What’s Included

  • Breakfast Included
  • Rooftop Pool
  • Digital Amenities
  • Daily Room Cleanings
  • Incredible Bedding
  • Spacious Rooms

See more amenities and what Hotel White Lisbon has to offer on Expedia.

Perks & Service

What makes Hotel White Lisbon special is the staff’s attention to detail and attentiveness. Every afternoon, I could expect a lovely chocolate on top of my pillow with fresh sheets and towels prepared.

During breakfast, there we gluten-free breakfast rolls available, which took me by surprise because most hotels don’t even know what gluten is!

Furthermore, they were really flexible with us when we came down with food poisoning from some sketchy crab dip. We went to the front desk – desperate for a later checker in and ready to beg – and the hotel manager said of course and without any hesitation!

It’s this type of service that really differentiates Hotel White Lisbon from the rest.

They are dedicated to making your Lisbon experience incredible and unforgettable!

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