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Should I Move to London? 8 Reasons Why You Should or Shouldn’t

Are you wondering “Should I move to London?” London is an incredible city, but I’d be the first to say that it isn’t for everyone.

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Should You Move to London?

Yes and no. Let’s go over a few reasons why you should consider moving to London before we get to why you shouldn’t move to London.

Why You Should Move to London

1. You Can Imagine Building a Career/ Life in London

If London is where you want to end up, then don’t let anything stop you from creating a life there! Who cares if it’s expensive, crowded, far from home, whatever anyone else says about London.

If it’s your dream place, then make it work. Like they say, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.

2. You Are Ready for an Adventure Away from Home

London is an extremely well-connected city with tons to do and people from all around the world. If you want to experience something totally different from where you came from, London could be the place for you.

3. You Can Look Past the High Prices and See the Benefits

Yeah, we all know that London isn’t cheap. But does the quality of life match that price?

It might not for some, but does it for you? No one can answer that question but you. A high price tag doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not worth it.

You can talk all day about how living in the middle of nowhere will save you money, but there’s a reason it’s cheaper!

It may be someone else’s goal to save a ton of money, but if your goal is to live somewhere amazing, that price tag will always be higher.

I get texts every day about how high taxes are in Europe but do those people get to live in Germany or London? Just remember, you’ll live where they want to vacation. (;

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4. You Are Moving for a Study Abroad Program and It’s Only Temporary

London is a super popular place to go to if you are doing a semester abroad and that’s great!

Housing is usually included or subsidized as a student, so this is a great way to test out London and see if it’s really for you.

Plus, you can travel around Europe from London and see if there’s another country that catches your eye!

Why You Probably Shouldn’t Move to London

5. You Need to Be Close to Home

If you are a major homebody and you don’t live in Europe, moving to London may not be the best idea.

London is super well-connected if you reside in Europe, but getting to the States or anywhere else around the world is expensive and super far.

You may think that your family will come to visit you, but most of the time this just doesn’t happen. You’ll be the one going back home to visit and that will definitely add up over time.

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6. You Have No Savings

Although you can definitely move to other places around the world with little savings, London is not one of those places.

Moving here with no savings will make your time in London miserable and you’ll be on that flight back home way too early.

7. You Are Looking to Save Money on Education / Cost of Living

Don’t move to London if you’re looking to save money. Whether that’s on education or just the cost of living in general, it’s not a place where you’ll be putting a ton into savings each month.

8. You Want to End Up in a Different Country in Europe

If the UK or London aren’t your dream destinations where you imagine yourself ending up, then don’t start your life out in London. Go to school or move to the country where you want to end up.

This will make your visa or citizenship path so much easier. So if you imagine a sunny life in Spain, don’t move to London.

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Is it Worth it to Move to London?

I think no matter who you are, it is worth it to move to London! Or at least get yourself abroad once in your life.

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