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Il Cannito Hotel in Capaccio: The Perfect City Break Near Sorrento

Just outside of Sorrento (Italy), I stayed in a little family house called Il Cannito in Capaccio, Italy. Named as one of the Best Hotels in Campania by The Telegraphy, Il Cannito promises to be an incredible and intimate experience for foodies, families, and friends from around the world and it’s just outside of Sorrento.

When considering Italy as a vacation destination, most people immediately focus on the major cities – like Milan, Rome, and Venice. But I was in the mood for something less stressful and more food-focused. Because food is LIFE.

For that reason, I headed into the Italian countryside for a proper city break to enjoy farm-to-table food experiences, fine wine, and even better sunsets.

a woman holding a swing at the Il Cannito hotel

I was really curious about the Italian countryside because I was keen on exploring the quieter side of Italy. Known for its incredible lemons and buffalo cheese, Sorrento is basically the twin of Amalfi Coast with better prices and more low-key beaches.

As usual, we hired a trusty stead car to take us around the coast since there’s little public transport to take advantage of. This gave us our absolute FREEDOM to do what we wanted whenever we wanted – and isn’t that the dream?

Escape to Il Cannito in Capaccio

Tucked in the mountains of Capaccio, Il Cannito is an incredible estate with four spacious housing options: Sun, Earth, Sea, and Moon. Each room is spacious, light, and filled with sound from the surrounding forests.

For families, there are detached additional houses available that are just down the path for privacy and comfort.

Each room comes with a therapeutic hydro-massage bathtub with a mountainside view and a rain-forest walk-in shower for the ultimate comfort experience. With a few glasses and a bottle of local wine, you could truly lose yourself for hours just daydreaming in silence.

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Every morning, I was woken up by the softly rising sun and the birds calling to me in the wind. With nothing to do and nowhere to be, I slipped out of bed for a leisurely 7 am swim to start my morning. 

It was completely silent, the air was crisp and free of pollution, and I was able to float and reflect on what an incredible experience I was having. 

Instead of participating in a formal retreat with a set agenda, I knew I wanted to just live in silence and enjoy my own company for a long weekend.

There were no yoga seminars, there were no organized beach trips. I just lounged around and enjoyed freshly made meals whilst gazing leisurely at the vineyards in the distance.  I don’t think I’ve ever been this calm, thoughtful, or silent ever before.


When I wasn’t enjoying the peace and quiet of my own company, I was racing around in my Fiat 500 to enjoy the local cuisine of the countryside. I’ve put together a one-day driving tour of Sorrento that you can download onto your Google Maps app below.

Here are some of the best photos from all of our adventures. Each location has been marked down on the Google Map below! Fun Tip:  You can also make a day trip to the Almalfi Coast from Il Cannito as well!

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